EXCLUSIVE: Yet More Negativity


On TNA’s goofy recap show – yeah, it has a title, but I prefer to call it “TNA’s goofy recap show.” Whoever heard of rehashing an awful product that few watch? Why not analyze smegma?

Anyway, on TNA’s goofy recap show, you get glimpses of those working backstage. And I realize, “A lot of those people are the same fools that ruined WCW.” Going one step further, I think, “The people RUNNING wrestling are the people who RUINED wrestling.”

Some did both: Eric Bischoff succeeded, then failed. Vince McMahon is in that category, too. Vince Russo had a brief window of revelation and revolution that has since turned into a decade of destruction. Name anybody in wrestling that has legit acumen for the biz.

Don’t confuse having a position of power with being a success. Kevin Dunn, for instance. He’s McMahon’s right-hand man. He’s the guy who doesn’t want to call it “pro wrestling.” Thanks for that, Kev. Really groundbreaking. Those in the know say Dunn’s only real talent is the ability to feed off the insecurities and weaknesses of McMahon. But when it comes to knowing wrestling, he’s no Jim Ross. You remember Ross. He’s the guy who gets paid to not go to TNA.

My columns on WrestleZone are largely negative. As opposed to my audio commentaries…wait, those are largely negative, too. Dammit.

I get a lot of e-mails complaining about my negativity. The logical response would be to dig deep, come up with something I really enjoy about wrestling, and toot that horn.

Not a chance. For one thing, I’d have to come up with something I really enjoy about wrestling. Besides Velvet Sky’s ass, that’s a tough one.

Negativity is an easy path to tread. Fun, too. You can play along at home, even. With that in mind, here’s a bunch of crap that’s WRONG with wrestling. Wrestling really does SUCK. I know: But you like it. Me, too. I like it, like it, yes I do. Quick question: If I could dig down deep in my heart, feelings would flood on the page. Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya?

Or would you think the boy’s insane?

*Wrestling doesn’t understand it’s in competition with UFC. Wrestling can say it isn’t, but it is. That shouldn’t make wrestling be super-serious. It should keep it from being silly.

*The current crop of wrestling bookers think they’re funny. They’re not. There’s nothing less entertaining than something that’s supposed to be funny that isn’t.

*All interviews are scripted in the same voice. We’ve discussed THAT ONE ad nauseam.

*Wrestling can’t create new stars. Name the last time a wrestler blew up like Steve Austin and The Rock. Wait…wasn’t it Steve Austin and The Rock? Yes, it was. Over a decade ago.

*The announcers suck. They don’t tell stories. They don’t entertain. They don’t sell the product. In the history of wrestling, the announcing has NEVER BEEN WORSE.