A British Point of View: And The Slammy Goes Too…

I hoped I wouldn’t end up writing another column where I end up whining about the product but the Nexus storyline and John Cena has just been poorly handled.

Months of television wasted! Why? This past Monday on RAW, John Cena was “rehired” by Wade Barrett. Never have I seen such a poor effort of handling a storyline containing John Cena.
John Cena said when he collected his Slammy that he was a man of his word. Really John? Is that why you were “fired” from the WWE and yet you still haven’t missed one show!?
WWE didn’t even contemplate taking Cena off TV for even a week to create a sense that John had actually been fired. Is WWE in that bad a state where you cannot do without your top star for at least a couple of weeks?
And to top it all off, now we have Wade Barrett against John Cena in a Chair Match. I mean come on! We have been watching The Nexus and John Cena storyline pan out for 6 months and this crappy novelty match is what it all comes down too?
WWE sound like they are sweeping this one under the carpet and I expect Cena to get the win over Barrett and then they will say that is that, let’s concentrate on Wrestlemania. WWE will have to make one hell of an effort to gain interest in this storyline or match at TLC. Cena slapping Otunga on the back with a chair isn’t going to cut it.
With WWE’s third 3 hour RAW special within the last few weeks I felt that this week was the weakest. It wouldn’t bother me as much but the Slammy’s aren’t even the same awards! They change what award they will be giving out every year, how can that be presumed as prestigious.
You don’t watch the Oscars and they just make up a title such as “The Greatest Moustache of the Year Award” and “The Biggest Hollywood Explosion of the Year”
They have meaning because famous people have held the title before them and they are being held in the same regard as them. If you change the award every year then it has no prestige. If this is the case then the only purpose for these awards is to create or further storylines and this past Monday did nothing of the sort.
The only slightly interesting angle was CM Punk issuing a warning to someone for when he re-enters the ring in January. Laycool winning both Slammy’s was incredibly stupid and predictable which will give them something to run round with whilst someone else holds the Diva’s title.
I do understand that WWE has one problem with the awards because if they tried to be traditional and genuine with the them then they would have most probably given most of them to previous superstars such as HBK and Jericho, granted Shawn did a video spot for them but because he’s not active with the WWE anymore then they cannot be seen to be promoting older stars rather than current or new ones (Wasn’t King in a TLC match for the WWE Championship 2 weeks ago?)
Overall I found the show to be wasteful, and on top of that Vince seemed to want to flex his muscles regarding WCW with David Arquette. What the hell was he thinking? Oh and by the way, way to sell the fact that you just got put in a match with top wrestler on the roster David, you looked really bothered about it.
Now I have got that off my chest I feel better and less stressed… Oh wait a minute! I just remembered Kane killed Paul Bearer this week on Smackdown! Very PG!
Whenever I get this annoyed with WWE I feel the need to look at Titus O’Neill’s Motivational promo to allow me to turn the corner. “If you wanna make it a fight, make it a fight… If you wanna make it a win……. make it a… win.” Gotta love that guy!
Were you annoyed with RAW this week or did you enjoy the Slammy’s? Let me know your opinions at beansontoastuk@msn.com and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/beansontoastuk