Thank God For The Wisdom of Kevin Nash

Thank God for the Wisdom of Kevin Nash

By Kevin Kelly

From the Gospel According to Diesel via Twitter… ” @RealKevinNash: I promise I will not be back in the WWE. They think young sells. I’ve watched Grand Torino 15 times

What a bitter bastard!

If the “relevant train” stops by Nash’s house again, tell him to climb aboard because he’s been off it for so long. Last thing I remember Nash doing was tearing his quad while walking, falling down like a bitch and crying. Either that or his current five-year-long audition for the off-Broadway version of “Superman” and the role of Clark Kent’s dad.

Maybe if Nash watches the great Clint Eastwood movie a hundred more times, he’ll finally learn the title is “GRAN Torino”. Then again, most guys Nash’s age head out early to Sizzler, complain about their sciatica and the grandkids never calling.

What Nash never showed when he reigned as the worst WWE Champ in history was passion. Miz cares more than Nash ever did and as I’ve said before, Miz is so comfortable with who he is… like Jericho. (Another guy that Nash tore down any chance he got). The only statement of truth in Nash’s tweet was his promise that he won’t be back in the WWE. They don’t want him… TNA doesn’t want him… AARP can have him. Go quietly, go quickly and just go away.

Last week, I wrote about the passion that we saw from the older generation on “Old School Raw”. Back in the day, guys like Sarge and Piper would have gladly worked with Nash, putting him over in every town, hoping to get him good (or less rotten). One week later, Nash buries someone from the next generation, saying “they (WWE) think young sells”. He should know that misguided youth, left unattended can screw up a wet dream. That’s why you put Miz with veterans. LIKE HIMSELF! PUTZ!