A British Point of View: Battle against Stupidity!

This past Friday on Smackdown we had to witness Edge have his "fun" with Paul Bearer tied in a wheelchair. Now correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t Edge on a rampage and mission against stupidity within the WWE?

Yet i’m supposed to believe that he kidnaps Paul Bearer in Manchester, England and manages to keep him tied to a wheelchair and hostage for an entire week whilst travelling back to the USA in Richmond, VA.Now doesn’t that come accross as a bit stupid?

Then to make it worse we have segments throughout the entire show which shows Edge playing games with Bearer which further enhanced the far-fetched nature of the affair and waste precious TV time.

Now I know storylines are not always going to work and aren’t always going to pull you into the television set, but at least keep it to something that i can actually believe. The whole point of these actions by Edge are to show weakness in Kane to make you believe he can be beaten tonight at Survivor Series. Couldn’t the same effect have been done by Edge simply taking Bearer out? He could have still kidnapped him but surely they could have gone about it differently.

I would have been more impressed if Edge came out this past Friday and said he locked him up somewhere in England and he was still missing (when I read that back I might think that is terrible lol.)

Either way I think they pulled the rug from under Edge’s character. He looked like he was being molded into the "True Wrestling Fans Wrestler" giving small pops at materials that children wouldn’t understand but older fans would get and appreciate, but now he has dropped into the same boat as John Cena, our last hope for a realistic character is either Wade Barrett or Randy Orton.

The build up to Survivor Series has been shocking as usual and using the last show to tell you about 4 matches for the PPV looks last minute and lazy, what about the other matches on the card? No mention of the Intercontinental Championship match which will most probably steal the show.

Every go home show before a PPV always shows you the graphic animations of the matches coming up and on this weeks Smackdown we were still missing matches off the card. Matches which i feel will carry the PPV.

They never mentioned Sheamus vs John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler vs Kaval. Couldn’t they have done a better job on the card? What about another match between Jack Swagger and Daniel Bryan for the US title? I think Swagger is thrown away on the elimination match and would offer far much more against Bryan.

The focus on Cena and the Nexus will completely take away any interest in the actual wrestling contest between Barrett and Orton. Kane and Edge won’t have a long match so I think the more chances WWE have of putting solid matches on the card should be taken.

That being said, no matter what happens on the card, Cena will be the focus for RAW tomorrow and everything else will take a back seat. Let’s hope WWE take this opportunity with Cena to use the direction wisely rather than just throwing everything back to Cena vs Orton in a hurry.

Are you looking forward to tonights show? Do you think the card could be improved? And is the Edge storyline going completely stupid or is it just me?

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