A British Point of View: RAW and Smackdown Diaries Part 1

Ok folks! As you may know, I have tickets to this weeks RAW and Smackdown offerings in Manchester at the M.E.N. Arena for tonight and Tuesday. 

I thought I would provide you with a small diary of my events throughout the upcoming days.
As I mentioned in my previous articles, I haven’t been as concerned about getting tickets for the UK events this year but I have to be honest that now I have tickets and it’s the day of the event I am quite looking forward to tonight’s potential offerings.
It will be interesting to read into the atmosphere of the crowd as we have dived into this PG product head first.
I do feel rough as hell though as I started with a cold last night, which is pretty typical for me. If any readers see a guy sneezing his head off on the top tier then you know who it is!
Obviously the main focus of RAW tonight is going to be John Cena and The Nexus. Expect more situations which challenge John Cena’s loyalty to the “WWE Universe” and to The Nexus, expect grey areas with Randy Orton.
I expect tonight’s RAW will end with Orton RKO’ing Cena for some reason but that’s just my opinion.
I’ve not heard any news on any Guest Star for tonight’s show but hopefully it’ll be less freaky than Pee Wee Herman from last week or RAW won’t have a Guest Star at all, which I think would be best as it would allow WWE to focus on some wrestling for a change.
I’m quite looking forward to seeing Daniel Bryan in person wrestle for the first time tonight and hopefully he won’t get squashed by somebody like Sheamus.
One thing that I have noticed is when looking at the promotional material for tonight is Triple H’s name being mentioned in the list of superstars. I think this is just a general list and don’t think he would be there but it’s worth a mention in case he shows his face.
I do remember a few years back when they put Undertaker on the promotional poster for the UK tour and he wasn’t at the show, people were not impressed.
I will try to take photos and put them on my twitter account whilst I’m there but I am unsure whether I will get an internet connection on my phone whilst in the arena, either way I’ll be taking some decent photos which I will try to get on the site at some point.
I do have to mention thought that you may want to hold on until you’ve seen the shows yourself on television as there will be a time difference between recording and it going on air in both the UK and the USA.
The show will start here at 7:30pm which is 2:30pm EST and 11:30am PST, so obviously RAW will be shown on delay. Strangely enough Sky Sports seems to be showing it at 1:00am when they could easily show it live. The only reason I can think of for this is that Sky Sports must just tag onto USA Network’s feed for the show.
This means that if you read my article as soon as it is posted then I might be ruining what is in store for you on the show, I will place warnings before any spoilers though.
One thing that I will be tempted to do is take my wonderful mobile phone and as wonderful as it is, I will contemplate the possibilities of bouncing it off Michael Cole’s head whilst he is “Quoting” the GM. I will obviously have visions of 10 security guards taking me down in the process which will more than likely make me put my phone back in my pocket, but never-the-less the temptation will still be there, maybe if I get a drink instead? Hmmmm…
Other than that I will try to get Part 2 up as I get home later tonight, if I do not manage it and my body gives in to this cold then I will get something up Tuesday morning, in which case you won’t need to worry about spoilers.
Contact me on beansontoastuk@msn.com and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/beansontoastuk for tonight’s action and I’ll speak to you all soon!