EXCLUSIVE: The Verdict On Hardcore Justice Is…



Seriously, did ANYONE think that was ANY GOOD? It was an absolute abomination.  Most of the guys on that show never were any good, and now its 10-15 years later. That belonged in a high school gym. It’s not even worthy of a bingo hall, certainly not THAT bingo hall.

Sabu? In a PPV main event? Yanked outta wherever? In 2010? ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?

It was exactly the kind of show Paul Heyman would NOT have booked. If Heyman ever does return to wrestling administration, he’s not going to bring back worthless old hacks from his past. Heyman will be cutting edge. If Dixie Carter thinks that nonsense at “Hardcore Justice” was a lure for Heyman, she’s even stupider than I think she is.

Taz lambasting those who “don’t get it” was precious. You know who didn’t “get” ECW? THE VAST MAJORITY OF WRESTLING FANS. That’s why it folded, why it was never more than sports entertainment’s dark, dirty little secret.

You know who doesn’t “get it”? Whoever decided it was a good idea to allow Dreamer and Beulah’s daughters to witness (up close) Daddy taking a stiff chairshot, then juicing. Somebody call child welfare. Tonight, live on PPV: BAD PARENTING! I wonder if Beulah leaves her old beaver-split photo spreads lying around the house? The neighborhood kids take one look and chant, “SHE’S HARDCORE! SHE’S HARDCORE!”

It would take too long to break down the suckage. The Team 3D match was even worse than your average Team 3D match. (I could not possibly be more insulting.)

Everyone involved with this show should be embarrassed amd ashamed. TNA, which blows goats in the first place, VOLUNTARILY REGRESSED.

So, was it worth it?