The Cashbox: Live Smackdown Letdown & It Begins 2012

By: Chris Cash @RealityofChris



I eagerly tuned in last night to WWE’s live edition of Smackdown – on time and everything. After a very solid Raw on Monday, I guess I expected more of the same 23 hours later. I was very wrong.

It certainly wasn’t your typical “Super Show” as most Raw superstars were reportedly on their way to Japan already for the upcoming tour. Otherwise, I think we would have seen a bit more seriousness last night, even with the ridiculously early Christmas theme.

Speaking of, I understand there’s no avoiding holiday specials in pro wrestling and we’re guaranteed a certain number of these each year. I also love Christmas and can get into the holiday spirit just as much as the next guy, but November is too early. Especially for shoving it down our throats to the degree in which they did. A live special with the perceived level of importance going into it that last night’s had shouldn’t be geared around a holiday that’s still a month away.

If ever there was an example of WWE putting all of their eggs into one basket, last night was it. The main event between Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan was the ONLY relevant part about the show. Did it save the first hour and 40 minutes? No, but it was a good main event. Effective, too.

If WWE wanted to test the waters with DB in that high-profiled spot, I would imagine the results had to be promising. The live crowd was certainly behind him and he wasn’t killed or buried by the current Champion. It was a logically executed match, period.

Going forward…WWE has to find a way to make fans believe Daniel Bryan “can” beat Mark Henry. Give it the David vs. Goliath effect and set it up for ‘Mania. That’s enough time to continue developing Bryan’s character (where he needs the most work) and time to continue doing the same thing you have been with Henry.

Daniel Bryan WILL be Champion as a result of cashing in MITB the next time. The only two questions now are whether he will beat Mark Henry to do it and if WWE will put it off until ‘Mania like originally planned. I doubt Vince knows the answer to either question yet.

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