Stars In Progress…John Cena, Roode/Sting, Knobbs & More

Bobby RoodeBobby Roode By Way Of Sting

One Step Up

This match at Victory Road should have been Bobby Roode vs James Storm for the World Heavyweight Championship. They've had plenty of time to build both men, but didn't utilize that time wisely.

Roode is still too dependent on other people, rather than being a credible, heel champion on his own. James Storm is over, but not to the level he should be by now. Especially when you consider he started his singles push working with Kurt Angle. That should have paid major dividends for Storm, but it was over before it picked up any real momentum.

As a result, pairing Roode with Sting at Victory Road is probably the best marquee matchup they have at this point. That is, if Roode must be included.

I give it a step up in theory. Sting shouldn't win, although I wouldn't put it past TNA to go in that counterproductive direction. Roode needs a clean, decisive win on the biggest platform TNA has to offer. Let him get it over Sting on March 18th.

After that, you can get back to the incredibly slow build between Roode and Storm.