Mt. Killamanjaro: 2012 TNA Victory Road Preview

Mount Killamanjaro: TNA Victory Road Preview — @MikeKillam

Open Challenge for the TV Championship — Robbie E (c) vs ???

It’s almost painful to watch TNA in their attempt to exact a modicum of interest from this dead, beaten championship. Not that it was ever a big deal to begin with – most TV championships aren’t – but it’s officially irrelevant to TNA’s landscape. It appears once in a blue moon at pay per view events or when they need to fill time on Impact, only to disappear back into the shallow lagoon that is TNA’s under-card. 

I want to get excited about the “open challenge” gimmick, but history has proven this will likely be Shannon Moore or Eric Young. Maybe Alex Shelly, perhaps Gunner; anyone else is doubtful. I’ve heard the rumor mill say this COULD be the long-awaited debut of John Morrison – there is no quicker way to make his return to pro wrestling more unimportant and openly mocked by the internet community. A surprise Chris Sabin appearance might insight a brief pop from me…

Prediction: Robbie E retains. Nobody cares. If I had to pick a dark horse scenario, Sabin returns and loses, only to reunite with Alex Shelley on Impact and chase the Tag Champs. 

TNA Tag Team Championship — Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs Matt Morgan & Crimson

Samoa JoeThe “JoeNus Brothers” have proven an adaquate, moderately interesting pairing. They are certainly solid in the ring together, building chemistry with every match. I like the promo collaboration as well; Joe is good enough, but Magnus really takes hold of all their segments. This month we see, YET AGAIN, a rematch with the former Champions. If this doesn’t end with the two big men coming to blows, I’ll be incredibly surprised. Morgan/Crimson were fun when the division didn’t have ANY teams (literally), but the appeal is gone. We all know TNA wants to split them up and give us a feud at Lockdown – they have since Bound for Glory – just get it out of the way now. 

Prediction: Champions retain. 

Gail KimTNA Knockouts Championship — Gail Kim (c) vs Madison Rayne

Well, I’m shocked. TNA has created two top heels (Kim and Rayne) and two top faces (James and Sky) in their women’s division and managed to use them in somewhat interesting ways. This month that comes in the form of a power struggle between Knockout’s champ Gail Kim and her “protege” (read: annoying cheerleader) Madison Rayne. I’m going to assume this leads to a face turn for Madison, which in itself is a good move considering how long it’s been. Even if it doesn’t, and even if things return to the status quo once this match is in the books, I like the direction TNA had taken with its ladies.

Prediction: Gail Kim retains. Madison Rayne starts the build towards a face turn and title match at Lockdown.