The Cashbox: Buff’s Stuff, WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

Buff's Stuff

Oh, how I remember my conversations with Buff Bagwell!

I have had the privilege countless times to talk with Marcus Alexander Bagwell, whether it be for formal interview sessions, proposing business ideas that never ended up going anywhere, or simply shooting the shit. The one thing that always ran through my mind during those discussions was how much Marcus Bagwell, the person, and Buff Bagwell, the character, were truly one and the same.

Buff Bagwell was arrogant; Marcus Bagwell was extremely confident.

Buff was selfish; Marcus truly wanted more time in the spotlight.

Buff was an entertainer; Marcus was always entertaining.

Marcus caused a lot of problems for himself — sometimes intentional, sometimes not — but I truly feel he had much more to offer the wrestling business than he was given the chance to. I'm still somewhat surprised Vince or Dixie didn't given him another chance at some point.

"Buff Bagwell" was VERY well known during his heyday and even well after his last appearance on national television, he remained one of the busiest talents on the indy scene. He drew, and promoters knew it.

When I heard the news yesterday about Buff's accident, it crushed me. He will likely never wrestle again and even if he could fully recover (again), he might ask himself "What's the point?" after this. He's already come back once from a broken neck. He stayed in shape, in-ring and physically, for years hoping for that call back he never received.

I know personally that Buff wishes he could have done some things differently. He didn't play the "Game of Politics" very well, but he also never shied away from his mistakes. His faults. His shortcomings. He owned them all and took it in stride.

I know Buff rubbed a lot of people wrong, but I genuinely believe he meant well…MOST of the time.

I was a huge fan of Buff Bagwell and I respect the hell out of Marcus Bagwell. I wish them both a speedy recovery because I hope the wrestling world hasn't seen the last of "The Stuff". But in case we have…luckily, Marcus plays the role exceptionally well!