Superstar Spotlight

Superstar Spotlight: Really, Cena? Really?

John Cena told CM Punk that he needed to beat him in Boston at Night of Champions for Punk to earn the respect and credit he wants. Really Cena? He needs to beat you AGAIN to prove he’s better than you? It wasn’t enough that he already beat you three times over the past 13 months, including beating you twice this past Sunday at Summerslam? Cena fans can argue all they want, but the record says Punk won, Cena and Show lost. It doesn’t matter who took the fall or tapped out, Punk outsmarted him and took advantage of a great situation, one that you see happen frequently in triple threats. Cena, it wasn’t enough that Punk went into his hometown and beat you, and he beat you on a “neutral” playing field a few months later?

Cena, I would like to give you a bit of a news flash; I’m pretty sure Boston doesn’t love you as much as Chicago loves Punk. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fans boo you, after all you abandoned the Red Sox for the Rays because they “pink hats” and the Evil Empire now. In my eyes, Punk has the the advantage, and most of what you said on Monday was a bunch of crap. Punk went into a hostile environment and beat you, and he doesn’t need to do anything to prove himself to you or the fans. Cena, you need to prove yourself to Punk and the others, because just like you said, you haven’t been champion since in almost a year. In fact, what have you done lately? You had a yawnfest of a feud with John Laurinaitis and Big Show, you lost to the Rock, and you lucky punched your way to a win over Brock Lesnar. Brock destroyed you for most of the match, and you came up short at Wrestlemania in your BIGGEST match ever. You think you are the bench mark that everyone needs to measure up to? Cena, you need to start proving yourself again, because you haven’t been spectacular lately, and as far as I remember, Punk is three up on you.

I really wish there was another way this Punk/Cena feud was going down, because you can clearly see I’m not buying Cena’s crap. Everything CM Punk is saying is true, and it really feels like WWE just wants to split the fans or just try and get a good pop for Cena in his hometown. I like that they are feuding; I just feel like there is another way to go with it. The language is wrong; I don’t want Punk to go down the Miz route of facing off with Jerry Lawler until they get to the pay-per-view. Lawler is fine when he puts over lower card talent, but Punk doesn’t need this right now. It seems too forced. Nobody liked Miz two years ago, Punk is still a tweener, so keep it that way. Cena would be much better served as a foil to Sheamus, or someone else at this point. I really wouldn’t mind seeing a face Cena versus face Randy Orton feud. They could build it up like they did with Bobby Lashley and Cena a few years ago. Darren Young could feud with Cena over who is the better looking Cena. Shit I don’t care, just stop trying to tell me Punk needs to prove himself again when he’s done nothing but win.

I like Punk’s mean streak, and he’s not doing anything wrong; he’s telling the truth. The championship should be on top, and he’s the champion. If he needs to beat Cena one more time just to get the top spot and refresh everyone’s memory, go ahead Punk, kick some sense back into him. CM Punk picked you because he has a grudge with you overshadowing him, and he’s not wrong; he deserves, and earned, the right to go on last, not you. CM Punk is the best because he has the title, and Cena, you need to start proving why you deserve a shot in the first place.