Title This: WWE Raw Reaction 8-20-12

WWE RawOpening Segment:

What I Liked:

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out and talk about the epic encounter between Brock and Triple H. Paul Heyman basically thrives in any situation where he can talk. Once again, he succeeded. Heyman articulates so well with every single word that he speaks. I really enjoyed this segment because it made the focus back on Brock and not Triple H. Paul Heyman praises Brock like he is a savior and the real face of WWE. He also keys the new term "Brocktagon" which is genius. Look for merchandise to feature in the future. I also enjoyed the quick "Good Job" comment with the referee. Scott Armstrong did not overshadow the grand scheme of things, and it added some new dimensions of Brock and Paul. With the skill in the ring and the mouthpiece he has, Brock Lesnar is so marketable. He made himself worldwide known in UFC and came back to the WWE. Usually that harms someone. This guy sells and Paul Heyman could potentially be the best speaker in the history of the WWE. Well done to spotlight Brock's success and not Triple H.

Grade: A

R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Sin Cara defeats Prime Time Players and Cody Rhodes

What I Liked:

This was a really good six man tag team match that forwarded two feuds. The faces get over in this match that went past a commercial break. The action inside the ring was great, especially when Rhodes and Cara battled. They actually make each other look good, especially with Cara's unique ability. Rhodes has been able to adapt his style from lightweights like Rey and Cara, and super heavyweights like Big Show. Cara hits a few nice spots to get the crowd excited, and PTP did once again did a solid job at remaining relevant even in a loss. O'Neil is a solid, strong striker who is only going to get better. He is a quicker and more lean Ezekiel Jackson, and I am not comparing the two just because of their skin color. They attack the same, they are both young, and both have the same strengths and weaknesses in the ring. Their cockiness is great, Young and O'Neil. Even when they lose, you still feel like they got the upper hand.

What I Disliked:

Last night, the faces of Kofi and Truth win. Wouldn't it be logical to have PTP and Rhodes pick up the victory here? It saves themselves a little more and gives them the upper hand in feuds that they should have right now. Also, I still feel Cody is being wasted with Cara, but at least it is something for him to do. All superstars go through this pattern in their careers, and he will be back to where he should be. Kofi and Truth are really over with the under 21 fans, and that is huge for tag champions. They bring interest back into the titles, even just for a few matches.

Grade: B+