A British Point of View: When One Door Closes, Another Opens…

Jack SwaggerThis week has proven to be a controversial week in the world of Professional Wrestling with the now publicly known mistakes made by a gentleman known by the name of Jack Swagger to the comments made by Glenn Beck.


Now to be honest, most British people will not take much interest in the political whirlwind that has been created by this incident and with the actions of one Jack Swagger being less than exemplar most people will still be expecting him to be wrestling Kurt Angle in a few months down at TNA. However, this all became interesting when Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger cut a promo with a twist!

Zeb and Jack delivered a promo and then decided to talk directly in front of the green screen and respond to Glenn Beck’s comments on the current product.

The promo was a fantastic display of Professional Wrestling and demonstrated to everyone that the age old stereotype of wrestling in today’s society is no more impactful or different than any other drama or television show which uses relevant subjects in their stories.

Jack Swagger may have dodged a bullet with this recent development as it has certainly taken the limelight of his mistakes of the past few days but no matter what happens at least wrestling fans can feel proud with the promo that was delivered and have another one of those moments to show someone to say “Hey! Look, wrestling is cool because…”

On the other hand Undertaker made his return at a recent house show. Undertaker didn’t look to be in the best physical shape but I also think that people are forgetting that the man is nearly 48 years old. We all know that Undertaker’s ringwork will not be at the level that HE would probably expect to be but you also know that no matter what he will make his story be told in the most professional and dignified way.

I like to think of it like The Dark Knight Rises or Skyfall. Bare with me here. If any of you have watched these films then you will know that both of them portrayed a hero which has lost a step and is starting to age and are desperately trying to keep with the young new people coming up and prove a point.

Undertaker’s character is in that position within WWE and it’s time that we start seeing Undertaker as the underdog at WrestleMania and managing to pull out the victory over the new breed of Professional Wrestler. That seat I believe is firmly positioned for CM Punk. Punk is able to deliver  fantastic promo’s and build a story which is believable yet exciting. We also know that no matter what match is put forward for Undertaker at WrestleMania, there will be a point where we will suspend our disbelief and think that Undertaker may lose. It may only be for a second but you know it will happen and that moment is exactly what us as wrestling fans are here for, to get that one moment that reminds us of why we fell in love for this beautiful business. If that moment is created by Undertaker again then he can wrestle for as long as he sees fit in my book.

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