He Said/She Said: Taz/WWE Return, DeMott, Shady Promoter

Let's get to it…

Impact WrestlingTaz Teases WWE Return?

TNA announcer Taz says the following on Twitter: "Couple of big wrestling shows in my "hometown" of Brooklyn! #RedHookNearBarclay"

If I had millions of dollars at my disposal and a gambling addiction, I'd throw a good chunk of it toward Taz NOT going to WWE anytime soon. His comment above is most likely the same thing every (smart) TNA star does when their contract is about to run out: a big bluff.

I'm sure it will work too. TNA management doesn't seem smart enough to ever call them on it.

It's sad though. The announce team has been one of TNA's sore spots from day one. How they don't realize it is remarkable. Or even scarier, maybe they do and just don't care.

Mike Tenay is about as knowledgable a person wrestling has available, but he has zero charisma, looks constantly constipated, and is simply unrelatable to the demographic it "seems" TNA wants to reach.

Oh..and I've always HATED how he acts big and tough when wrestlers are just inches from his face. They're supposed to be the heels, but I find myself wishing he would get punched in the mouth every time. 

I think Taz "gets" it, and he comes across natural, but it doesn't make him good. For every bright spot he has, there's about 15 mistakes to follow. 

Getting rid of Todd Keneley, who should have never been given the spot in the first place, was a step in the right direction. The problem is the fact that that right direction is right back to where they were, which is still very, very wrong. 

And for all of you throwing Striker's name out there like he's someone TNA would be stupid not to take, let's keep things into perspective. He peaked early and then went downhill. He rambled, was too smart for his own good, and tried too hard. 

He's certainly a good option if I'm TNA, but he's still got plenty of work to do.