3/9 Wrestlezone Recap: New Champs Crowned in Chicago, TNA Returns to PPV Tonight, Network Update, Undertaker, Davey Richards Speaks on ROH Issues, More

This week on the Wrestlezone Recap we talk about TNA's return to PPV, run down tonight's Lockdown match card, discuss Davey Richard's comments about Ring of Honor, praise new tag team champions, and more. Plus, who gets pushed in WWE through SummerSlam, which Knockout is on her way out, and a weekly update on the WWE Network. 

TNA Returns to PPV at Lockdown

TNA LockdownTNA Lockdown is live from Miami tonight. Despite having lost track of Impact Wrestling over the past few weeks – the WWE Network has taken up far too much of my time – I'm genuinely excited for their return to PPV tonight. If you look at the stories over the past four to eight weeks, the Lockdown match card is simple, logical and promises several Grade-A wrestling matches. Here's a brief preview: 

Magnus will defend the title against Samoa Joe. The two are former TNA Tag Team Champions and partners during the 2013 resurrection of the Main Event Mafia. Joe has been on a killing streak over the past month, while Magnus remains protected by Team Dixie. 

Team Dixie will put "wrestling operations" on the line against Team MVP inside Lethal Lockdown. If you've never seen Lethal Lockdown, it's sort of TNA's version of War Games, but with only one ring and a ton of weapons strapped to the ceiling; a bit ridiculous, but a fun concept that generally delivers. Bobby Roode will captain Team Dixie, and gets 10% of the company if he wins. His team consists of Austin Aries and the BroMans, while MVP captains a team alongside the Wolves and the returning Jeff Hardy. 

The undercard looks to be pretty decent, with the inclusion of Japan's Wrestle-1 promotion, which will see the Great Muta make his return to the United States. Gail Kim gets her obligatory rematch against Madison Rayne. Mr. Anderson gets his hands on the creepy Samuel Shaw; take it as a good sign that this is the least anticipated match on the card. Plus, "The Cowboy" James Storm steps inside the steel cage against his former tag team partner Gunner.