3/30 Wrestlezone Recap: WrestleMania & Hall of Fame Cards Finalized, Kevin Steen at WWE Tryout Camp, Glacier Complains About the Attitude Era & More

Wrestlezone RecapThis week on the Wrestlezone Recap we've got melting Glaciers, the final card for WrestleMania, the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014, indie wrestlers at a recent WWE tryout camp, next-gen wrestling games and more. 

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Glacier is Melting

In a recently interview, Ray Lloyd (aka Glacier) voiced his disinterest in the WWF Attitude Era, calling it "a cheap gimmick that only gets limited reaction." 

Glacier thinks wrestling should be family-oriented, like it was in the good ole' days, and is again today. That's one guy's opinion; plenty of people agree. But to call the Attitude Era nothing more than a needless gimmick – that walks the line between opinion and total ignorance. 

Obviously there's a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to pro wrestling, and what's good and bad for the business. But the fact is that before Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara pushed the creative envelope, the WWE was a sinking ship at the mercy of WCW Monday Nitro. At the height of those "cheap gimmicks", they were pulling in 8's on a weekly basis. 

Limited reaction? There's a pot and kettle joke in there somewhere.