Wrestlezone’s Top Ten: New WWE Network Features & Programs We Want Soon

WZ Top TenThe WWE Network has been online and available for purchase for over two whole months. Since the debut, WWE has worked out most, if not all of their major kinks, put on a fantastic pay-per-view event in WrestleMania XXX with very few streaming issues, announced over 600,000 subscribers, and developed brand new original programs like Legends House and WWE Countdown. We've been given all the content promised at launch, plus plenty of surprise additions like WCCW, ECW Hardcore TV, Warrior Week and Legends of WrestleMania. 

The Network is impressive. For my money, it's been well worth the $9.99 per month. I just got charged for my third month as a subscriber, and with Extreme Rules just two days away I don't regret a penny of the $29.97 spent thus far. But in three months when my contract is up and I have to decide if another six months is worth the price (it will be), it's in the best interest of WWE to come up with new attractions to keep those 600,000 subscribers, and all the ones they gain between now and then, on the line. So here's a top ten list of things the WWE Network needs going forward.