Title This: WWE Raw Reaction “The Rock and Ambrose Save The Show”

Dolph and The Uso’s defeated Cesaro, Stardust and Goldust

wwe raw reactionStardust and Goldust begin by controlling the former tag team champions. After a commercial break, Jey gets kicked and a clothesline by Stardust. Cesaro gets into the ring and mocks Ziggler. He hits a big elbow drop and a two count follows. Goldust tags in and then presses his foot onto Jey’s head. Jey fights back with some big chops to his chest and a spinning heel kick. Ziggler finally gets the hot tag and unloads with clotheslines and a neckbreaker. The crowd loves Dolph Ziggler in Brooklyn. He spins around and locks in a Sleeper Hold. He gets Cesaro down to one knee. 

Cesaro stops momentum with a splash into the corner, but Ziggler hits a Fameasser for another two count. The Uso’s fly and take out the champions. Cesaro hits an Uppercut and Uso’s break up the count. Dolph Ziggler rolls him up from behind. Stardust gets the tag and hits a DDT. Stardust sets up a move, but Ziggler gets an elbow up. All three men hit a Triple Superkick onto Stardust. The Uso’s fly in the air and Jimmy connects with his splash for the win. 

This was a very fun and exciting match to begin WWE Raw. Excellent pace and very solid story telling from challengers and champions. I can argue and say that Dolph Ziggler is working at the highest of levels in the WWE right now, with Jimmy and Jey close behind. Their matches are physical and fast, fun and technical. They balance all of their skills every single night and give us a great match. 

WZ 7.5

Kathy Lee and Hoda with Adam Rose and Rosebuds

The ladies come out with Adam Rose and begin to drink some wine. They begin to dance and then they break wine bottles on each other’s backside. Rose gets back into the ring and then the ladies crowd surf into the Rosebuds. 

Yep. That is all the segment entailed.

WZ 2

Bo Dallas defeated Mark Henry 

Dallas picks up a win after being beaten down by Henry and then barely getting back into the ring by the 10 count. Mark Henry gets upset and chases Dallas to the back. 

Swagger went through a losing streak after losing to Rusev and went to Dallas. It seems like WWE is losing options and repeating the same storyline with Mark Henry. I am not in favor of this. Henry is much better as a heel than a face, but there are too many heels. I would not hate Henry being the muscle for someone like The Authority, but it seems like they are so set on Kane for some strange reason.

WZ 3