Women in Wrestling Have Always Been Second-Class Citizens, What Did John Laurinaitis Once Say About Female Wrestlers?

women in wrestlingMy sentiments that you are about to read have nothing to do with the comments that AJ Lee shot towards Stephanie McMahon on twitter yesterday, even though I loudly applaud and support Lee. You can read either of my two books, go on my website, or quote anything I’ve said over the past 23 years in the wrestling business, WOMEN IN WRESTLING HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS.

I lived that my entire career. The wresting business is sexist, and infested with executives in high places who believe there is no place in professional wrestling/sports entertainment for women. I experienced it in every company I ever worked with. Females should not take TV time from the boys, that’s the way it is. It’s male chauvinistic, archaic, simple-minded, and just plain ignorant. And God forbid in spite of it all the women get over you know what happens then? One of these gentlemen wearing trunks will proceed to get her travel bag and take a large, steaming dump in it. Yes that happened to Sable at the height of her run.

I was there. I saw it first hand when some of the top stars in the WWE at the time would get in Vince’s ear when a female star started to get herself over. From there, Vince would do everything to chop her at the knees, in order not to upset the boys and to keep them happy. It was disgusting to me, just a horrible way to do business. It’s the reason I have always been an advocate of women’s wrestling and women wrestlers.

You would think with Stephanie McMahon and Dixie Carter both in tremendous places of power they would be pro-active in trying to change the male mindset in wrestling when it comes to women, but instead you get the complete opposite. Why? Simple. Ego and jealousy. As women, both Stephanie and Dixie love the spotlight directed on them at all times, it’s that plain and simple.