My First WrestleMania: Yelled At By Linda, Jenny Garth is a Biatch, and The New York Daily News Influenced the Finish

wrestlemaniaI was asked yesterday by Justin LaBar, host of Chair Shot Reality, what were some of my WrestleMania memories from years past when I was working for the WWE. I explained to Justin, that even though many people won’t believe this, outside of WrestleMania X, the very first one I ever worked, the Granddaddy of them All was basically just another show, in a series of never-ending shows.

When you are writing a weekly two-hour RAW, and you add a pay-per-view every month on top, one show just pretty much turns into the next. Yeah, on the outside Mania was HUGE, but as the guy holding the pencil it was literally just another day at the office. Outside of my first Mania, I couldn’t even tell you what was the main event of the others that I was involved in writing—and that is the honest-to-God truth. The only one that stands out in my mine was my first one – WrestleMania X.

Now, as a fan, me and a group of friends attended both WrestleMania IV & V at the Trump Casino in Atlantic City. Man, it’s crazy to think that I was 27/28 at the time and having an absolute blast enjoying wrestling. Savage/Hogan was RED-HOT back then, and the entertainment that the WWF was providing at the time was absolutely off the chain. I would assume that it was Vince/Patterson/Prichard spear-heading creative, but whoever it was IT WAS DAMN GOOD!!! Little did I know at the time when I was sitting in the stands like everybody else, that in five short years I would be an employee of the company.

WrestleMania X was memorable for me for many reasons, for starters, Linda McMahon scolded me for chewing gum at the FanFest. She said it didn’t look professional, and she was right. At the time I thought it was hysterical. To me, I was just a kid from Long Island, living the dream, working for the juggernaut of professional wrestling, and trying to keep my breath minty-fresh as I put over the WWF to nausea to anybody with a set of ears.

From there, I remember how everybody in the back just wanted to stick their foot straight up Jenny Garth’s beautifully shaped backside. If you recall, Jenny was a special guest that night because 90210 was red-hot at the time, but she made it clear to everybody that she didn’t want to be there and was only there in body to collect the cash. She wouldn’t even look at anybody, all this was so below her. I can remember Burt Reynolds even being pissed by Jenny’s holier-than-thou attitude.