Is “Big Poppa Pump” Really a “Killer?”

Scott SteinerIn the world of what is a “work”, and what is reality, let me say this: Scott Steiner really does hate Hulk Hogan. From a guy who has heard the promo from Scott himself multiple times, Big Poppa’s disdain towards the Hulkster is 100% AUTHENTIC. Honestly, I don’t know where the anger, or rage comes from, I just know that if it were legal to beat somebody within one last breath of his life Scotty would be all over Hogan with the ferocity Chris Jenner has on a gratuitous, cheap Kardashian plugs.

At first, I was quite amused that there were actually pictures posted backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and WrestleMania to be on the “look-out for this man”! Like you really have to post pictures of the Genetic Freak because NOBODY backstage at a wrestling event knows what Scott Steiner looks like?! It’s like posting a picture of BIG FOOT, and saying underneath, “Be on the look-out for BIGFOOT”!  But, I’m sure the incident wasn’t any “fun” for Hogan’s wife, Jennifer. Even though I doubt Scott actually said he was going to “kill” her husband, being approached by Steiner in any kind of aggressive manner while not being familiar with him is something that could shake any mortal human being.

People are afraid of Scott Steiner, perhaps more than any other pro wrestler in history. Wrestlers are afraid of Scott Steiner and there are no exceptions to the rule. You see, not only is Poppa an imposing force, but Scotty is the REAL DEAL. He will hurt you, and he will hurt you some more. Steiner was a standout collegiate wrestler at Michigan, and to this day, age and all, I’m sure he could bring you down to your knees quicker than you’d drop even if had you’d seen a hundred dollar bill at your feet. So physically, yeah, the guy is imposing.

But, that’s not all. Next you have the persona; the air, the way he carries himself, the way others view him and respect him. Steiner is just one of those guys that you wouldn’t even think about screwing, or pissing off, the thought of the consequences alone is a nightmare that could keep you up for days. And, what I just described is the person who people believe that Scott Steiner is, and with all just due. I mean, I’ve seen that guy. I’ve witnessed him driving female producers to tears, I was there the night he exploded in the television truck at WCW, and then proceeded to verbally tear into the mild-mannered Keith Mitchell, while fully foaming at the mouth. Yes, Scott was foaming at the mouth.