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Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “Building Towards Brooklyn”

Billie Kay vs. Liv Morgan


Billie works quick and then gets taken down after a fireman’s carry. Liv bounces off the ropes and hits a hurricanranna. Billie Kay hits her face first into the top turnbuckle and then continues the beating. A suplex and a quick one count. Kay locks in the arm bar and the crowd gets behind Liv. Morgan hits a few elbows and then breaks free. She hits a bulldog and is fired up. She hits a monkey flip and sets her up for a kick. Billie hits a big boot and then picks up the win.

You can tell that these women need some more action. Billie Kay has a really good look, with a combination of Katie Lee Burchill and Victoria. I do like the likability of Liv Morgan, but her timing needs to speed up very fast. She seemed a little behind on some moves, but there is time for her to develop. With the addition of so many women from NXT to the main roster, they need to speed up sooner rather than later. Asuka is going to need new blood to fight when Bayley is gone.

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Why Gargano and Chiampa?

These two guys are excellent wrestlers, two guys who have earned the right to fight for the NXT Tag Team Championships. After this match against Clark and Knight, you can tell why they are the right fit right now for The Revival. The Revival are old school, two guys that pride themselves on not selling t-shirts, catering to the fans and do the dirty work.

Johnny Gargano and Chiampa are two guys that cater to the fans, especially how good in the ring they are and how smooth the execute. I like the smooth deliver and they are the only tag team that SHOULD face The Revival. I think WWE knows that the indy fans love these guys and can push them because of the cult following they have. Do not expect them to win, but expect one hell of a match.

Tonight was a basic match, nothing amazing. It was quick and they showed they are a well-oiled machine. Good and just enough to make it interesting.

Speaking of tag teams, The Authors of Pain are a team that look similar in stature and build. They are still fresh, but they have a very gang mentality look. Are they an athletic 3 Minute Warning? Yes, yes they are. A continued and slow push from them is what is best for guys who may or may not be ready for the main spotlight.

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