Isenberg Reacts: WWE NXT “Ruthless, Glorious and Hideo Itami”

Samoa Joe Attacks


One week ago, I was anticipating when Samoa Joe was going to attack and get back to focusing on becoming an NXT Champion again. He came out and talked to Shinsuke Nakamura about their match and says he respects him. He talks more about their fight and offers to shake his hand. They shake and Joe leaves. Nakamura poses on the stage, but Samoa Joe comes back out and attacks the champion. He throws him into the ring, into the steel steps and then his a suplex on the steel steps. The NXT Champion gets taken out on a stretcher.

What a great way to kick off this episode of NXT. Samoa Joe is one of the best and most believable heels in the company and this was a perfect way to fake the crowd about him changing his tune. He comes off as a jerk and a bully, even though he was on the opposite end heading into NXT Takeover Brooklyn. The mind games were in favor of Nakamura, but now Samoa Joe has the control. Joe has such an excellent ruthless aggression to his attack.

This attack on NXT gives us a few weeks without the champion and continuing to spotlight his biggest and best challenger to date. I like how they are developing this to be more than a few weeks or a month. The rampage of Samoa Joe began Wednesday night and could be in for a wild ride, if done right.

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Liv Morgan defeated Rachel Fazio

Morgan and Fazio lock up, with Rachel trying to connect with a clothesline. Liv Morgan ducks and rolls Fazio up. Morgan flips over Fazio and taunts her. Liv is able to hit a few elbow an punches to take her down. Liv gets going, but Fazio stops her in her tracks. Liv is able to battle out and locks in the guillotine to make her tap out.

This was not a bad outing, but it is so hard to see how she is going to do with better and bigger competition. NXT women are scarce and there are only a few standouts. Liv is quick in the ring, but I am not sure of her knowledge of transitional moves is ready for something on an Asuka level. It will take time, but tonight did not do much in terms of telling us if Liv can sink or swim in NXT.

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