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10 Reasons to Watch Tonight’s TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View


10. TNA HAS BEEN PRETTY DARN GOOD: This isn’t really a legitimate “reason”, and it’s kind of cheating, but it’s worth pointing out that amid all the speculation and all the online chatter, and years of people writing of TNA – sometimes for very good reason – the promotion has been having one of its best years in a very, very long time. The roster is filled with great young talent, veterans rediscovering themselves, and intriguing storylines that aren’t quite the same as the rest of the wrestling out there right now. This is their biggest show of the year, so yes, you should watch Bound For Glory because TNA has been pretty darn good.

9. ARON REX vs. EDDIE EDWARDS: People are mixed on the former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow since his arrival in TNA, but one thing is for certain – if anyone can pull a worthwhile match out of him, it’s former Ring of Honor Champion and five-time TNA tag team champion Eddie Edwards.

8. GAIL KIM, SIX TIME CHAMPION?: As Gail heads into the TNA Hall of Fame – and deservedly so – she also looks to become a six time Knockouts Champion, surpassing Madison Rayne’s shared record of five title reigns. There’s also the possibility this is just setting up Brandi Rhodes and Maria for a program alongside their husbands Cody and Mike, but there’s no reason they can’t accomplish both of these things at the same time. Probably. Maybe.

7. THE X-DIVISION: Despite their match not being announced until literally hours before the pay-per-view, you know X-Division actual at Bound For Glory is going to be a good time. DJ Zema Ion looks to extend his second reign as champion, but he faces off against of the best in-ring wrestlers working today in Trevor Lee (who I just saw at last month’s AAW event in Chicago, and he was great).

6. GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD: This is TNA’s version of the Money in the Bank match, except in a Royal Rumble style match, and the winner gets a shot at ANY title he wants. I’m personally hoping whoever wins takes a swing at the X-Division or the new Grand Championship, because I have very little interest in most of the guys in this match chasing the world title right now, but… I guess that’s what these kinds of briefcases are for? Elevating talent into legitimate stars? Sure. There’s also the chance they run an angle where Cody Rhodes gets put into the match, and that is a talent I would absolutely be interested in seeing in a world title match.

5. DREW GALLOWAY: Galloway has had an incredible year in TNA (not to mention his work outside the promotion) but was pulled off the Bound For Glory card at the last minute due to injury. Galloway still pledged to be at the PPV, and basically told doctors and officials to “try and stop him” from getting involved.

4. THE FUTURE OF TNA: We might not get a definitive answer as to the future of Impact Wrestling on tonight’s show, but… there’s also no guarantee that we won’t. I’ll be fixed to my TV tonight as rumor and speculation of company sales and primary ownership has created a legitimate buzz. And that’s never a bad thing.

3. THE STAR THAT LEFT THEM IN THE DUST: Cody Rhodes has arrived in TNA. Or, more accurately, he will arrive at Bound For Glory tonight. Since leaving WWE on his own terms, Cody has put on great matches and made a new name for himself as a staple of the independent scene, and has somehow negated years of radio silence between TNA and Ring of Honor to work both companies at the same time. Now it’s time to see what Rhodes can bring to the table for Impact Wrestling, and that is a very interesting prospect indeed.

2. NO HOLDS BARRED: Simply put, Ethan Carter III has been one of the most consistently entertaining parts of Impact Wrestling since he debuted three years ago, and 2016 has been his year. After dropping the TNA World Heavyweight Championship back in January, EC3 looks to become a three-time world champion tonight in his main event match against “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley.

1. THE GREAT WAR: Love it or hate it, the Broken Hardyz have been something different. And not “something different” like Heidenreich reading poems on WWE Smackdown, but something truly unique – a spectacle very rarely found in pro wrestling these days. Matt Hardy has reinvented his career so many times, and in 2016 is doing some of the best, most captivating work of a two-decade career; now he’s brought Brother Nero along for the ride. Whatever The Great War ends up being, be it a great wrestling match or a bizarre segment we’re all talking about for the next month, you absolutely can’t miss this.

TNA Bound For Glory airs live on pay-per-view tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST.