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Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Can Braun Be Next For The Beast?”

Personality From The Cruiserweights


One of the biggest gripes from fans is that WWE was not giving enough time for this division to develop personalities. With WWE RAW being three hours, there are going to be some down time. The Cruiserweights were beginning to become that, like it or not. I wanted to see more development, more personality traits. RAW on Monday gave us that.


After Cedric Alexander picked up a win in a really solid bout against Noam Dar, he called out and said that he wants Alicia Fox for Christmas. This enraged Alexander, who is the boyfriend of Miss Foxx. Later on in the night, Neville came out and talked about how he was the King of Cruiserweights and hated not being respected. This brought out Swann, followed by Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins. The veterans laid waste to the young guys, continuing an aggressive streak we have not seen from Neville.

When it is all said and done after tonight, you cannot be upset that RAW had two meaningful segments with these guys. I do think it is inevitable that Austin Aries gets off the mic and talks about being the man of the brand. He is going to elevate this to even bigger heights, but who will suffer? You want a nice combination or young guys and veterans. Before you even think about a nice balance, you need to establish it first. New pieces to the division are going to make it more watchable from more than just a wrestling standpoint. The crowd did not fully connect, but time will tell which one of these guys will rise to the occasion. I did think it was a very positive step in the right direction.

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Nia Attacks Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks comes out and talks about giving her all at Roadblock. She says the better woman won and calls out Charlotte. Instead, she gets Nia Jax. Jax talks about how Sasha is just a little girl. She whips her crutch from her and throws her across the ring. Nia Jax laughs and walks out.

Even though I am desperately waiting to see more from Nia Jax, this was a positive segment for her. Instead of squashes, she is going to be involved with one of the best Women in the company, fresh off of the best feud of 2016. For Banks, her injury will be a smart and easy way for Jax to garner more heat while looking more dominant. Sasha will ultimately get the last laugh, but it should be more about Nia Jax being developed into more than just a powerhouse.

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