Isenberg Reacts: WWE Smackdown Live “New Japan Dream Team and Jinder’s Celebration”

Breezango vs. The Uso’s

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The Uso’s took on Tyler Breeze and Fandango on Smackdown Live, but it was quite different that what we are used to seeing. Tyler Breeze defeated Jey Uso in singles action with a quick roll-up, which made Fandango vs. Jimmy Uso. Once again, another quick match and Fandango was able to pick up the win. After this, they were granted their championship rematch on Smackdown Live.

Much to my enjoyment, both of these teams really worked well together on Sunday and on Smackdown Live. They know how to react and act together, making some comedic relief an important part in their match. With a big leg drop, it looked as if there would be new champions, but Jey splashed on Fandango immediately after to retain the championships.

I have been very surprised at how Tyler and Fandango have continued to get better in such a short time period. Nothing against them in the ring, but outside would be hard for them to fully connect. They have gotten the time needed to develop a funny, but interesting, team and get opportunities. I really hope they do not waste them and let them fall all the way down to where they were before. I would love to see another few weeks and then insert a much more aggressive and intense American Alpha. There needs to be that transitional pattern and phase out the comedy for intensity.

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Charlotte and Becky Defeated Natalya and Carmella

Women’s tag team action on Smackdown Live was solid. After a loss on Sunday, it seemed like Becky Lynch needed to get the win for her team. She did just that, as Naomi kept Ellsworth out of the ring and Lynch made Carmella tap out to the Dis-arm her. The action was smooth and the booking was logical. When all of these women finally decide to let loose and break free, it can make for a much more chaotic, yet enjoyable, experience. Currently, they are still trying to piece together where Charlotte should fit, as well as booking Naomi as an actual champion. The issue is that they have too many faces that are considerably better than the heels.

Naomi has no real heel competition right now. This needs to be addressed.

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