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Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “5 Guys, 5 Strong Options To Battle The Beast”

Six Man Tag Team Match


After WWE Raw starts off with MizTV featuring Sheamus and Cesaro, Dean Ambrose comes out and The Hardy Boyz follow. This leads to a six man tag team match, where we would see The Miz really take control on Ambrose with stiff kicks to his stomach. Sheamus steamrolled over Dean Ambrose, but could not get him down for a three count. As expected, the hot tag to Jeff set the crowd on fire and “vintage” Hardy offense was the reason they were able to get the win. Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb on The Miz leads the champions to victory.

This was a really strong match and I always enjoy when more than one feud is spotlighted together. They did this in a great way, making both championship matches on Sunday feel important by kicking off WWE RAW with them. The Hardy’s are so over with the crowd and continue to be the best tag team that RAW has. They continue to win, which worries me that they might drop the titles inside a steel cage on Sunday. As for Dean Ambrose, he gets the crowd reaction and the storyline with The Miz has been very consistent. This tells me that WWE wants this to be a longer feud, which leads me to believe that The Miz wins on Sunday and we get another 1-2 months of them feuding. Tonight was a positive step for these six men, six men who consistently hold the show together.

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Elias Samson’s Spotlight

The Drifter picked up a squash match win on WWE RAW. He goes to 2-0 in consecutive weeks and tonight was a more old school way of building a guy that is new to the WWE Universe. He has a very unique gimmick, which I hope has longevity. The good thing is that Elias looks like he can beat the crap out of anyone. He looks aggressive and I have seen him develop from a solid wrestler to a really promising sports entertainer. Good things for Samson in the future, but let’s hope the squash matches do not last longer than a month. A feud for him sooner rather than later would be more beneficial than being booked like a monster heel.

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