Isenberg Reacts: WWE Great Balls of Fire “The Future of Monday Nights Begin with Joe and Braun”

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

wwe great balls of fire
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

The Eater of Worlds vs. The Architect kicks off WWE Great Balls of Fire. This, surprisingly, is only the second time that they have faced off in singles action. While the match lasted only 12 minutes, it was much more enjoyable than you would think. Seth Rollins looked like he got his butt whipped early in the match, selling some of Wyatt’s moves to perfection. Rollins, like he always does, picked up the speed and hit a nice combination slingblade and then a blockbuster from the top rope. Wyatt would soon find himself at the top rope again, but was able to connect with a superplex that shook the ring. While Seth continued to fight back, a poke to the eye and Sister Abigail ended the night for the cover superstar of WWE2K18.

This was a really strong opening with two fan favorites. The Dallas crowd started out hot and this was a good match to begin the action. I was surprised to see Wyatt win, even though a poke to the eyes is deemed illegal. His offense looked strong and Seth is a great partner to showcase the underrated strength that Wyatt possesses. A surprising outcome, but one that I am not completely against. Wyatt needs it more than Seth, even though WWE RAW lacks many of the top faces to really care about. I do not see this feud being over.

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Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore

In what I consider the biggest flop of the night, Enzo Amore’s excellent promo in the beginning was wasted by WWE actually having these two guys in a match at Great Balls of Fire. I would have had this carry to Brooklyn for a bigger and better payoff. The history for those two guys is in that area and the crowd would have cared much more. A simple attack before the match would have given Enzo a few weeks off and have him return in big fashion, with the crowd behind him and a SummerSlam match in place. Since this was a squash match, what happens now? Where do each of these guys go from here? Poor decision tonight to put this match on the show. It opened and ended two WWE RAW’s in a row and all we can really talk about is how that music for Cass was awful and how Enzo Amore will likely be lost in the shuffle come September.

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