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Alex Kane Brought Aggression, Dipped Into Amateur Background For Recent Matches

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Alex Kane, the current MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Kane picked recent matches against Damyan Tangra, Bryan Keith and Cole Radrick as a few standout bouts in his career.

“If you have IWTV, my match from [Action Wrestling’s] Guardians of the Southeast, that’s one based on just aggressiveness. I did amateur wrestling and collegiate wrestling. I dipped into that bag more in that match, especially in the beginning of it. So, I’d definitely check that one out. Any of my matches with Bryan Keith. I think one’s on IWTV and then one’s on YouTube. I think they might be both on YouTube. My match with Cole Radrick is out there. That’s another good one.”

Kane also spoke about winning fans over with his infamous cheesesteak slap. Kane said the clip definitely got some attention and it took on a life of its own.

“That got me a lot of social media traction. Hell, even, a teammate of mine from college, from when I played rugby, she was like, ‘Oh, I use this in like all my group chats and stuff like that.’ And I thought it was nuts to me because she’s not a wrestling fan. So, it was crazy to me that it even reached that far. I’m still waiting on a cheesesteak slap shirt. I’m still waiting on that. But, I think that opened up some doors for me as far as new fans and new eyes.”

So what would his go-to cheesesteak order be?

“We don’t eat cheesesteaks around here. That’s why I slapped [the fan] with the cheesesteak.”

Watch List

Check out some full-length matches from Alex Kane’s career below, including one of his matches against Bryan Keith.

Alex Kane vs. Shigehiro Irie – MLW Fusion 171, June 29, 2023

Alex Kane vs. Bryan Keith – ACTION Wrestling: Bangers Only 3, December 2, 2022

Alex Kane vs. Hunter Drake – New South: Action Clash, January 8, 2022

Alex Kane vs. Alex Hammerstone – PCW ULTRA: All Systems Go, October 22, 2021