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Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Samoa Joe: Stokely Hathaway Has Cute Pet Names For Things I Do, ‘Extortion’ Is Just One Of Them

Samoa Joe enjoys his rewarding role as Stokely Hathaway’s big brother.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Samoa Joe, who was asked about the dynamic of his relationship with Stokely Hathaway in Ring Of Honor. Stokely is currently one of ROH’s Board of Directors (with Jerry Lynn), but Samoa Joe has made it clear who really runs things.

“Stokely, he’s very much in control. He’s doing his best. I just serve as an ‘advisory committee’ to his moves and actions that he does — when he decides to eat, breathe, go anywhere. So that’s really the kind of basis of our relationship. I’m glad that he trusts me enough to advise him to do the right thing. So far, he has not disappointed… But if he does, I just hope he’s ready for the consequences that could come down from the terrible decisions.”

Samoa Joe agreed that Stokely reads him loud and clear.

“Absolutely, he has the message engrained deeply into his head. His choice, really.”

What A Screwball

Stokely recently highlighted a day in the life of being extorted by hanging out with Samoa Joe. Stokely said part of his day included doing ‘press’ and getting snacks. Joe says Stokely is a funny guy and ‘extortion’ is just a silly code word they use.

“He’s so crazy sometimes. He is wild. It’s our little language. He’s like, ‘Ah, stop extorting me,’ but it’s like big brother, little brother, you know? Just little brother has to do more work than big brother, and that’s just the nature of things,” Joe explained. “He always has little funny, cute pet names for things that I do and ‘extortion’ is just one of them. What can I say, he’s a screwball.”

Stokely also mentioned that he regularly watches Family Feud with Joe.

“Absolutely, very original Family Feud fan. Steve Harvey, [he’s an] excellent host. I think [original host] Richard Dawson is also tremendous,” Joe added. “Any man that can make out with your entire family and you shake his hand when it’s all said and done, that says something about him.”

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