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Jeff Jarrett Comments On Being Cut From WWF In Your House Game Before Its Release

The roster for the WWF In Your House video game almost included Jeff Jarrett.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Jeff Jarrett recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. Jarrett was asked about being removed from the WWF In Your House video game despite doing mo-cap for it. Jarrett said it came down to the fact that he left the company before the game came out. Pritchard asked how the industry has changed regarding licensing, and Jarrett said those situations don’t come up as much today.

“Yeah, so I’ll give you something that probably won’t shock you though. I don’t think it was in their mindset, ‘Hey, I’m gonna notify a guy who left our company,'” Jeff Jarrett said. “What’s been fascinating to me is in the gaming world and also in the action figure world I’ve learned more over the last five to seven years that hey, do you realize that there was a prototype but this action figure that never came out?

Jeff Jarrett had multiple stints in WWE and WCW during the 1990s

“Because I was one of those guys that was with WWE from 93 to 96. And then WCW for a year then back for two years, and then back to the other side. So I ping-ponged back and forth a few times. And in the licensing world in the 90s, you didn’t really put out a product if they were working for another brand. That was just not done.

“But now with — I’ll call it the growth and the evolution and the transparency candidly that those type situations don’t happen as often and when they do whether it’s the wrestling fan or gaming fan, or any type of licensing fans, they want the brand to be true to itself, and so those types of issues don’t come up like they used to.”

You can check out our complete interview with Jeff Jarrett where he discusses the recently released WrestleQuest video game in the embedded video below.

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