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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett Explains What’s Going On With Grado

Don’t piss Jeff Jarrett off. It’s that simple!

Jeff Jarrett recently appeared on talkSPORT to promote AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. During the show, fellow guest and UK wrestling star Grado made a joke at Jarrett’s expense. Jarrett didn’t take too kindly to it, then smashed a guitar over Grado’s head.

The ‘King of the Mountain’ recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard while promoting the new WrestleQuest video game. Jarrett said that he’d considered Grado a friend, but he heard enough from him and it was as simple as that.

“Sometimes life imitates art and art imitates life. I had a day in it,” Jarrett explained. “Me and Grado go back years and years and years. A good buddy. He’s been to my house with my kids. We’ve stayed in contact. And so he texted me and said hey, ‘I’m actually going to be in London. Why don’t we hang out?’ I said we’re I’ve really got a busy schedule, so he said, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ll hang out.’ So Grado hung out with me and just about every media interview we did.

I’ve Had Enough

“He ended up kind of chirping and chiming in and I finally had about all I wanted to hear out of Grado and his little one-liners. He got the guitar shot and boy it was a good one. Bill, I don’t know if you saw it but the talkSPORT is kind of their version in the UK of talk radio, it’s their version of ESPN and Fox SportsNet all combined into one,” Jarrett said. “So it made a lot of noise. I’ll say this, to the very highest levels of talk sports. So it was a good one. They put together a nice little video piece. I’ll just say that.”

Jeff Jarrett vs. Grado was expected to be announced for AEW All In after the guitar shot. The match has not been confirmed by AEW. PWMania and Fightful have since reported that the match is not planned for the pay-per-view as of this week.

Watch our full interview with Jeff Jarrett and the WrestleQuest team below: