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Alex Taylor Wants To Smell Like Roses After NWA 75’s Jubilee Jamboree

Alex Taylor is ready to get down to business at NWA 75.

WrestleZone spoke with Alex Taylor to promote the NWA 75th anniversary show in St. Louis. Taylor will be one of the participants in the Jubilee Jamboree match. The winner will receive a future title match for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Taylor isn’t too fond of his NWA 75 opponents, but he knows it’s going to be a great match when he challenges his Southern 6 stablemate, Kerry Morton, for the title.

“Well, I understand going to be thrown in there with a bunch of trash wrestlers,” Taylor said. “I’m going to try out and try to come out not smelling, but it is what it is. Right now I’m weighing about 226, so I’ve got to cut some weight before the junior heavyweight deadline.

“Kerry Morton’s the champ. That’s my boy, Southern Six. But if they want the biggest match they can make,” he noted, “they’re going to put me and Kerry together, and that’s fine. Me and Kerry professionals, we can handle that. We’ll shake hands before and after. But the guys in this match with me, it’s a little embarrassing, but you’ll get through it.”

Southern Comfort

Kerry Morton recently told WrestleZone that it’s not so much an attitude change, but he is getting more comfortable in the spotlight each week. Taylor agreed and said it’s easy to get comfortable when you’re on the road with your friends.

“I definitely am. These tours we’ve been on Australia and hell, I’ve been at my house for maybe an hour today before this meeting here. I got off the plane from Charlotte, doing the World Is A Vampire [tour] and just being with the boys — me, Kerry, Big Daddy Thrill [Silas Mason]. When you’re with each other like that,” Taylor explained. “It’s just every night doing the same thing, working and working. So, you got no choice but to become comfortable.”

The World Is A Vampire

The tour he spoke of is the Smashing Pumpkins’ ongoing World Is A Vampire tour. NWA President Billy Corgan brought the NWA roster on the road for several shows, and Taylor said it was a nice change of pace.

“It’s been cool. They’re not what you would call a typical wrestling crowd, so they’re not jaded and just so conditioned like regular wrestling fans would be,” he pointed out. “It’s a lot of fun. I’m really good at what I do, so is Thrillbilly, so is Kerry. So, we go out there and we put on a hell of a show and I think that adds to the whole show for them.”

NWA 75 will be held on August 26 and 27, 2023, at the Chase’s Khorassan Ballroom in St. Louis, Missouri. The Jubilee Jamboree match (Alex Taylor vs. Eric Jackson vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Koa Laxamana (with Kallies) vs. Matt Vine) will take place on night one.

Watch our full interview with Alex Taylor below: