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The IIconics Have Always Believed In Themselves, Triple H Did Too

The IInspiration always felt they were destined for success.

Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee were very familiar with each other prior to their simultaneous arrival in WWE NXT. It wasn’t until they signed to WWE that they were linked together as a pair though. Together, as The IIconics, McKay and Lee built up an impressive resume for themselves, later winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Shortly after their departure from WWE in April 2021, The IIconics, now known as The IInspiration made the jump to IMPACT Wrestling. There, they became Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

The duo recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. They were asked if there was a specific moment they knew their pairing was headed for success. According to Cassie Lee, the duo always believed in themselves. Upon their ascent to WWE’s main roster as The IIconics, that confidence was also validated by Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

Stamp Of Approval

“I’m not sure if there was like one point. Jess and I, I know we have always just believed in ourselves. And because we have so much history and because we kind of have so much backstory, even before getting to NXT, we knew that it was going to work regardless of how. We just knew it would,” Cassie Lee said. “Then when in NXT, when they finally kind of just let us be us and show them our chemistry. They were like, ‘Oh okay, yeah, this will work.’ Then when it came time for us to get the call up to the main roster and one of the writers told us later, I think creative was a little unsure.”

“We had actually been out. We weren’t wrestling in NXT for a couple months. We’d been out of action and then they were bringing us up. So, we weren’t the focus of NXT and then call up, which is how they normally do it. So they were kind of like, ‘Oh, should [ The IIconics ] do another run in NXT and then we called them up?’ And [Triple H] was like, ‘No, just trust me, just trust me on this. They will be fine.’ And he was right,” Lee recalled. “As soon as we came out, the crowd knew who we were. We had a great debut, which we always look back on as a dream come true. Getting to debut on the main roster on the SmackDown after WrestleMania, that’s what you hope for, and that’s what we got.”

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