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Steph De Lander Is Conquering The Indie Scene, Looks To Begin Belt-Collecting Reign

Steph De Lander is excited about another chance to Showcase her talent.

WrestleZone spoke with Steph De Lander ahead of her appearance at Premier Streaming Network‘s The Wrestling Showcase. De Lander will face off with Rachael Ellering on the show, with the winner becoming the Wrestling Showcase Women’s Champion.

Asked how she feels going into the match, De Lander said she’s been on a great run lately, so she’s not worried about anything.

“My thoughts going into the weekend are, first of all, I think you should be asking how Rachael Ellering feels going into a match with me,” she stated. “No disrespect, but no one has done what I’ve done in the last six months as far as just conquering everything on the independent scene. So I don’t think there’s any woman that can touch me. Rachael Ellering definitely can’t touch me. So I’m excited to win the championship and start my belt-collecting reign.”

“When the results speak for themselves, which they have so far, it’s hard not to be confident at this point,” she said about her mettle.

Pritchard noted how Matt Cardona is the Showcase Men’s Champion and it would be fitting for them to both have gold after this weekend.

“It makes sense really, doesn’t it? So we’ll see,” De Lander said. “But I’m not concerned.”

Cardona Level Carny

Matt Cardona recently shared a screenshot of a conversation between the two. De Lander said she sold a magazine to a guy she matched with on Hinge. The interview took place within hours of the Tweet being posted, so naturally, we asked for more details.

“I literally just went on a Hinge date with a guy a few months ago. He just messaged me yesterday. ‘Hey, if I bought one of these magazines, would you sign it?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ He was like, ‘Where can I get one? What stores sell them?’ I was like, ‘I have a whole bunch.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, can I buy one?’ And then he Cash Apped me the money and I have his address and I’m gonna send it to him. So it was an easy sale.”

The interaction was memorable for sure, but probably one of the more tame ones, too.

“I get to make money from the comfort of my own home and I don’t feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way. Yeah, I get to sell another magazine so that was a very nice, easy, comfortable transaction.”

The Wrestling Showcase takes place on September 9 at the Sportsplex in Metuchen. The event will also air exclusively on Premier Streaming Network.

Watch our full interview with Steph De Lander below:

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