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Matt Cardona: Steph De Lander Is My Chyna, My Sherri, My Luna, All Wrapped Into One

Matt Cardona has had an incredible run in professional wrestling over the last few years.

Major League Wrestling‘s Matt Cardona recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. When asked about how he’s kept his momentum rolling since leaving WWE, Cardona spoke about continuing to reinvent himself and topping what he’s done before.

“It hasn’t slowed down. It’s been the opposite,” Matt Cardona said. “And listen, I’m not going to lie, when 2023 started, I said, ‘Okay, well, f*ck…’ Well, first, let’s backtrack. When 2022 starts, said, ‘Well, f*ck, I just had this Nick Gage death match, talk of the wrestling business. How am I going to top this?’ I figured out how to do it.”

Cardona found himself without Chelsea Green, who returned to WWE, and Brian Myers, who re-upped with IMPACT Wrestling. Pritchard noted how that trio was reminiscent of The Impact Players or the Triple Threat in ECW. When asked what Steph De Lander is to him, Cardona said she’s Chyna, Sherri, and Luna all wrapped into one.

“I would consider her, and this is how I kind of pitched it to her; I want her to be like my — I don’t want to say Chyna, right? There’s only one Chyna,” Matt Cardona said. “But like my Chyna, my Sherri, my Luna, all wrapped up in one. Because Steph and I, she could be my heater, my manager, if you will, my valet.

“But then we could have mixed tag team matches, or we’ve had tag team matches against two other men because she can kick some f**king ass. So, we have this dynamic that works in so many different situations. I think that’s why not only has it been fun, but it’s been successful, and there’s no denying that it’s been successful. I mean, you just said it.”

Despite no longer being in WWE, Cardona said he’s busier than he’s ever been but has more fun than he’s ever had in his entire career.

“I’m three years in,” Matt Cardona said. “I wrestled Nick Gage. We had a deathmatch tag team match, and then the night before, I wrestled Tanahashi, and then, like the third day of the loop, I have my live Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. I’m busier than ever and having more fun than ever, and more successful than ever.

“So it’s this formula that has been a lot of fun. I didn’t have this master plan when I got released because I got fired, and the indies weren’t around. There was this pandemic. So I can’t pretend that this was this grand master plan. It wasn’t. It’s just this ‘Alwayz Ready’ [mentality].

“It’s not b*llshit. I’m always ready for any and all opportunities. And listen, sometimes, I’m going to fall flat on my face. Some things are not going to be a home run. But that’s how I learn. That’s how I grow. So it is what it is.”

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