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Booker T Is Looking For WWE NXT Talent Who Are Serious About Elevating Themselves

Booker T is looking to showcase WWE NXT talent who are serious about elevating themselves.

Earlier this year, talents from WWE NXT began making special appearances at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion. After Ivy Nile made a stop there in February, NXT North American Champion Trick Williams headed to ROW’s Summer of Champions show in July. Most recently, Charlie Dempsey and Axiom competed in an NXT Showcase match at ROW’s The Next Chapter.

As WWE and ROW continue to strengthen their partnership, Booker T reveals his thought process in deciding which WWE NXT talent he wants to invite to his promotion. Speaking with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Booker noted that he has his eyes on all the performers in the NXT locker room.

However, only certain talents will be taken into consideration.

“I got my eye on everybody. But I’m looking for the talent and I’m not looking for the best talent in the locker room. I’m not looking for the worst talent in the locker room, I’m looking for the guys that I can work with. I’m looking for guys that [are] looking for help as well. If [there’s] guys in NXT and they’re just sitting on the sideline and I’m there every week and they don’t come ask me any questions, they won’t be coming to Reality of Wrestling,” Booker said.

The Next Level

“I’m looking for the guys [that are] looking to get better. [They’re] wondering what did it take to get to that next level. But more importantly, what did it take to stay at that next level? Because when you get in this business and you don’t look at it as a business,” Booker pointed out, “it could be very swift. It could be very quick.”

“But when you look at it as a job like you’re putting your hard hat on and your boots and you know you got somebody on your heels that’s looking to take your job, you look at it from a totally different perspective. I’m looking for young men and young women that have that aptitude to want that. There’s so many of them down in NXT that I hope to work with here at Reality of Wrestling. What we say in the business, just give them the rub. Try to give them just that little bit of knowledge. Sometimes young people just need a pat on the back and told that they could do this. So for me, I’m a motivator. For me, I’m living my best life. I really am.”

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