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Mr. Stone: Bron Breakker Underestimates Me, Fans Will Be Surprised What Happens At NXT Halloween Havoc

Mr. Stone is ready to surprise fans — and Bron Breakker on Tuesday night.

WrestleZone spoke with Mr. Stone ahead of his big match against Bron Breakker at night two of NXT Halloween Havoc. Stone has had a handful of matches in NXT, but this will mark his first advertised singles match in five years. Stone also went as far as calling this match the biggest one in a career that spans nearly 24 years.

“It’s a big match. And to be fair, I have really thought about this, I think it may be the biggest match that I’ve ever had in almost 24 years because the pressure’s on, eyes are on me. People that do remember me are definitely going to be interested to see what happens now that I’m getting in the ring again in almost five years for a scheduled match. ‘Can I still go? Can I still hold up?’ Which I assure you, I could,” he noted. “But also, there’s just so much behind it.

“Everything with my good buddy Von Wagner, we started on day one together at the PC and in NXT. We’re friends inside and outside of the ring. Bron did him dirty,” Stone said. “Bron hurt him pretty bad. I just accepted this thing without thinking it through, and I’m hoping — well, I know — it’s gonna be like riding a bike. I’m gonna get on and just go. I’m gonna see what happens.”

“Bron underestimates everything about me”

Stone showed a new side, like a fire had been lit under him when he made the challenge to Bron Breakker. Stone agrees that Breakker didn’t expect that, and he feels like the former NXT Champion should have paid attention to what he has done.

“He definitely was [surprised]. Bron underestimates everything about me. He is so self-absorbed and into himself. I don’t even know if he knows I had a career prior to my new role as a manager. I don’t even know if he knows that I was an in-ring performer,” he said. “He’s going into this thing thinking he’s facing some little dweeb guy that wears a suit and he’s gonna throw me around.

“Little does he know what’s under that suit right now is a guy who’s legitimately in the best shape of his life. A guy who has almost 24 years of experience and has traveled the world, and I’m going to bring all of that to this match,” Stone explained. “Everything that I possibly have left in me, I am bringing to this match, and he’s underestimating me. I think him and the fans are going to be very surprised at what happens.”

The ball is in my court

MVP previously credited his son for being the one that inspired him to return to WWE. He later told WrestleZone that helped change his entire outlook on the business. Stone was asked if wanting to compete in front of his sons served as motivation in a similar way.

Stone didn’t bring it up at first, but they’d heard about it at school. Now, he plans on watching the match back with them on Wednesday so they can see him beat Bron Breakker.

“I did make them a promise and I said I’ll be sitting with them on the couch the next day. So I’m not going to be the hospital. I’m going to be okay and make sure that I stay safe in this thing. And I’m gonna win this thing. I’m gonna watch the match with them the next day. They’re going to get to see their dad beat Bron Breakker.”

Night two of NXT Halloween Havoc airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network. Watch our full interview with Mr. Stone below: