Bron Breakker Mr. Stone NXT Halloween Havoc
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Mr. Stone: Bron Breakker Has Everything To Lose At NXT Halloween Havoc

Mr. Stone believes the ball is in his court at Halloween Havoc.

WrestleZone spoke with Mr. Stone ahead of his return to the ring at NXT Halloween Havoc. Stone will have his first advertised singles match in five years against Bron Breakker. Stone has competed in other promotions for 20+ years, but he’s only had a few matches in NXT. Has he thought about the possibility of competing more frequently, and that this match could potentially spark that interest again?

“It’s almost not even a match. I’m just focused on getting revenge on him and fighting him. I think we gotta walk before we run, too. Do the match, see what happens, and then we go from there,” Mr. Stone pointed out. “I don’t even want to think past it yet. I’m just focused on [Bron Breakker right now].

“I will say this: at my age and where I’m at, I enjoy my role and I do like the fact that my health is good and my fitness is good. Going back to being a full-time competitor, we all know that pro wrestling ain’t ballet,” Stone pointed out. “I don’t know what my body can hold up anymore to do it on a regular basis. So for now, let’s do the one and let’s see what happens from there.”

A surprising result

Mr. Stone once again brought up the idea that Bron is taking him too lightly. He says win or lose, he’ll take a beating, but he plans on surprising a lot of people, Bron included.

“I’m pretty sure at some point in that match, I am going to get my butt kicked. But that is okay because I’m expecting it. The big thing about this is that I know that Bron is just underestimating me. He has everything to lose. Whether he loses the match, even if I just get a few good shots on him. I don’t know if people are expecting that. So he’s just got everything to lose.

“I’m sure he’s out on his fishing boat this week doing whatever it is he does, not training for this match where, again, I’m in the best shape of my life,” Stone said. “I don’t know if he’s familiar with my experience in this industry and what I’m going to bring to this match. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’m going to throw him off his game. I think the ball’s in my court. And I think there’s gonna be a lot of people surprised at how this goes down.”

Night two of NXT Halloween Havoc airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network.

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