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Mr. Stone: Von Wagner Is A Lovable Guy, I’m Glad People Are Seeing It Now

Mr. Stone is happy to play a small part in showing fans the real Von Wagner.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Mr. Stone about his alliance with Von Wagner and feud with Bron Breakker. Stone and Von Wagner have worked together for nearly two years, and fans have really embraced them.

Von Wagner returned to WWE last week during night two of Halloween Havoc to save Stone from an attack by Breakker. Stone has been paired with several names in WWE, including Chelsea Green. However, Von and Stone has been the most successful relationship to date.

Stone was asked what part of the pairing resonates most with fans. He noted that he and Von Wagner are friends outside of the ring, starting at the WWE PC on the same day.

“When you first saw him, I’m sure you thought and everyone else thought he was a monster that doesn’t really talk that much,” Stone said. “[He] doesn’t really have that much personality, but he does. He just wasn’t showing it. I think they’re getting to see now he looks like a monster, but he’s really a big teddy bear and he has that soft side, which most people do.

“They just see the way we’re connecting. To be honest, even in the past few months, our friendship’s been taken to a new level,” he added. “So the fans feel a part of that, and I think they get a kick out of it. They like it. I like it as it’s happening.”

Along for the ride

Von Wagner has discussed some serious topics on NXT TV, including growing up with trigonocephaly. Stone says Von sharing that is a serious topic, but opening up might also help him connect with fans, too.

“Everything that went down with him in his childhood is so serious and is so real, and a lot of people can connect to it. Whether they went through that or something like that [or not],” Stone said. “So I feel like him opening up about it helped other people open up. Maybe [that] helped other people share their story and feel better about themselves. It was a win-win for him and a win-win for everyone that’s gotten to come along for the ride.”

Stone said there’s more to Von Wagner than meets the eye. He noted Von’s athletic background and the fact that he’s a legacy talent too.

“There’s so much to him. I feel like people just saw, ‘big guy, monster, growls,’ that’s it. I’m just trying to let everyone see that there’s so much more. It’s kind of like in Guardians of the Galaxy with [Drax]. He’s this guy that you know can kill people, you know that he could. If you just looked at him, that’s probably what you would think. He’s got humor, he’s got a soft side,” Stone said. “That’s [who] Von is; he’s a lovable guy, and I’m glad that people are seeing it now.”

Von Wagner will face off with Bron Breakker on Tuesday’s new episode of NXT.

Watch our full interview with Mr. Stone below: