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Shayna Baszler Is Always In A Position To Be A Serious Threat

Shayna Baszler is confident that people know she means business when she steps into the ring.

RAW Superstar Shayna Baszler recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. Baszler did a word association round of questions during the interview. The Submission Magician described herself and how she sees her legacy.

“I think I’ve at least cemented enough of a legacy, especially if you follow me through NXT,” Baszler noted, “that I’m always in a position to be a serious threat. I’m a serious contender. I think it’s the legitimacy I bring and the type of damage I caused people in the ring.”

Baszler said that no matter what she’s doing, she can establish herself as a legitimate threat.

“I were to come out on stage and attack the winner [of a match], immediately everyone would be like, ‘Oh, Shayna’s back. She’s gonna break someone’s arm.’ I don’t think I would ever be considered an easy win,” Baszler pointed out. “So I think I’ve at least done enough work in my career to cement the fact that I’m always a serious threat, no matter what I’ve been doing recently or what. As soon as I decide to flip that switch, I’m a serious threat always.”

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