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Jake Something: TNA’s Return Has Been Very Positive, The Roster’s Reaction Was Genuine

Jake Something is extremely proud to call himself a TNA star.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Jake Something about IMPACT rebranding to TNA. Something said it’s something that some of the roster already did, but making ‘TNA’ official in January gives it another meaning.

“You watch that video when they announced that it was called TNA again. Everyone in the back, that was a very genuine, real [reaction]. Like we didn’t know what they were about to show. So you saw all of us light up and jump up and scream, and that was very real. So it was like that like I said, I liked the IMPACT umbrella. But the TNA one is even bigger, and it just means more of that history.”

Will Ospreay is one big name that expressed his interest in working a match in a TNA ring. He will get that chance at TNA Snake Eyes on January 14, as will Kazuchika Okada, and an apparent mystery signee in the works.

Jake Something said that seeing talent like that coming in motivates him even more, and it’s a good thing for TNA overall.

“Yeah, it definitely does. Just in general, whenever I personally hear people from other companies or top talent that aren’t signed yet, just hearing them talk so highly about TNA and wanting to come in or to come back or just to be a part of it in any capacity is awesome. Especially because, like, I know that I’m putting my foot down there, like I’m setting a path for myself there,” he explained, “so it’s cool that my peers also want that or people that I look up to in the industry they want that too.”

End on a strong note

Plenty of attention is on January 13, 2024, when the TNA rebrand officially begins. Instead of just waiting for that date to arrive, Jake Something says he’s looking to give fans a little extra as 2023 comes to a close.

“Well, just for the simple fact that this coming weekend we have, like, the last showing of IMPACT. And that, for me, that’s how I finish strong is going out with a bang, right? Like, you know, that’s the very last time we will be called IMPACT Wrestling,” Something explained. “So I think that everyone that’s going to be there, we’re going to try to show out, but we always try to show out. But I think this time will be like a little little extra.”

Is there a bittersweet feeling of IMPACT ending and TNA coming back?

“No, actually. And usually, I don’t like change. But this was just very, you know, like I said, when we first saw that video, it was a very genuine reaction. As soon as everyone found out about the change, including myself, it’s just been very positive,” Something added. “So if anything, I’m just happy and excited, and that means all the IMPACT shirts I have and all the IMPACT little tracksuits they got us and just means I got TNA ones coming on the way.”

Watch our full interview with Jake Something below: