Xia Brookside Interview

Xia Brookside Shares How She Landed New TNA Theme, Why Pop Punk Is Great For Wrestling

Xia Brookside is thrilled with her new theme song.

With a new venture, also came a new theme song for Xia Brookside. After competing in the second-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill, TNA confirmed that Brookside had officially inked a contract with them. In the weeks following, Brookside debuted a new theme song, indicating that TNA Wrestling, is, in fact, where she belongs right now.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Brookside opened up the process of acquiring permission to use the track — “Where I Belong” by Simple Plan and State Champs, featuring We The Kings — as her TNA entrance theme.

“I found State Champs probably about eight years ago. [It] was when I first started listening to them, and I fell in love with the band completely. And then a few years ago, it must have been 2020, I was tweeting about them. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is awesome. I love this song. I’d love to use it.’ And then I started speaking with the band and they gave me permission back then to use it, but things didn’t work out. So I ended up going to one of their shows in the UK and I was hanging out with them backstage. It was completely surreal. It was like a dream,” Brookside said.

“And then when I signed with TNA, I reached out to them and I was like, ‘I would love to use this song if I can.’ TNA said yes, we just had to get the approval. So then I spoke to State Champs and the managers and they were just like, ‘We’d love you to use it.’ So it just kind of happened and it’s still crazy. I’ve debuted it now, but it still just doesn’t feel real. But the lyrics for me mean the world. You’re looking back. You’re not looking that way anymore. This is where you belong. It’s your time. Everything just feels perfect about it.”

A Preference For Pop-Punk

Westling themes are often tailored to match the characters associated with them. For Brookside, the pop-punk genre seems to fit the vibes of her persona the best. It also sets an uplifting tone for workouts.

“I think any type of pop punk band is great for wrestling because it just brings the energy,” Brookside said. “It brings the beat, it has great tunes. With a lot of the guitars, I feel like it just gives it a very upbeat feeling, but also with lyrics that people love to sing. And I think that’s another thing with songs is people want to be involved. What I wanted the most was songs with lyrics. My old song was great, but I wanted people to be able to join in and listen to it when they’re away from just wrestling. [I wanted] a song that you can chuck on in the gym or when you go for a run.”

Championship Opportunity

On March 8, Brookside will embark on her first major TNA title opportunity, as she and Tasha Steelz challenge Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship at TNA Sacrifice. This three-way title match comes after the number one contenders match between Brookside and Steelz ended in a double countout.

Looking ahead at her title shot, Brookside noted that she felt she was “dreaming.” At the same time, though, Brookside admits that there is also some sense of nervousness.

“I made my debut in January at Hard to Kill, and to be put straight into a match that’s an opportunity for a title match itself was just — I feel like this is where I belong because I feel so much belief and support from this company already. They know who I am, they’re pushing me, they believe in me and they’ve given me these opportunities. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. But I believe in myself at the same time. “

“I’ve put in a lot of hard work over quite a few years now. Being put in a match with someone like Jordynne Grace, she is the face of the company right now. She’s the face of the TNA Knockouts division, and she just gave us a new opportunity. She was in the [WWE] Royal Rumble. She just opened a massive door for everybody at TNA that a lot of people would never have thought was possible. And then also to step in the ring with Tasha Steelz, we’ve had three matches. It’s 1-1 and a draw. Yes, she cheated. I don’t have much to say about that, but she was a champion and she’s strong and she’s been here for a while. So to get put in this position of just belief and going against two amazing wrestlers is just incredible. I’m super excited.”

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