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Mustafa Ali Wants Limits In TNA’s X Division, Starts ‘Something Ain’t Right’ Campaign

Mustafa Ali is spearheading a campaign to bring the X Division back to its glory days.

Ali is set to defend his TNA X Division Championship against Jake Something at TNA Rebellion. He spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about his next title defense and getting on the “campaign trail” to bring the title back to prominence.

What story is Mustafa Ali telling?

Cody Rhodes’ “Finish The Story” has been immensely popular for months, and he finally wrote the ending to that story at WrestleMania 40. Ali was asked what story he’s currently telling, and he shared the evolution of his political-themed character and how things might not always be as they seemed originally.

“This is a story that has been festering since 2019, 2018, the first time I presented the concept of this politician. This guy that says one thing but means another. For me, it is an interesting character because in every facets of life, in every career, every job, wherever you go, you’ll find someone that’s like that right? They’ll say whatever they need to say, they go back on their word or whatever like that. And I’ve always had a personal interest in leaders,” Mustafa Ali explained.

Creating his own way

Ali says his story is one based in truth. He’s someone that has the skills, but hasn’t found his way yet. So, he says, he’s creating his own path.

“It’s someone that’s been in the industry. Someone that has the talent, the look, the skill, the background. A bit of a PR dream I would say. And he hasn’t quite figured out his way. So, he’s going to create his way. He’s going to make strategic alliances. And to get the people behind him, he’s going to launch a campaign,” he noted. “And he might have some ulterior motives here and there. But the overall idea’s he’s doing it for the greater good. If he happens to benefit along the way, so be it. But that’s the idea of it.”

Ali said pointed out how layered his character is, noting that his story is direct. However, fans are forming their own opinions on where he’s headed, and you’ll have to keep watching it unfold.

“Well, it might be interpreted as [his character having] ulterior motives. But again, stay tuned, and find out. I wanted to give your question a just answer, so, it’s… I think the best stories are not when things are super convoluted, but there are some complex layers to the character itself. Like, the story itself is direct,” Ali pointed out. “But then you always wonder if that person’s intentions are true or not. To me, those are the best stories.”

I want to get rid of this ‘No Limits’ nonsense

Mustafa Ali and Jake Something both have ties to the midwest independent wrestling scene. Ali made a name for himself in Freelance Wrestling, while Jake Something has been known to frequent AAW. Surprisingly, the two had never crossed paths prior to meeting in TNA.

For Ali, that’s a good thing.

“I’m glad we have never met before TNA. The guy is the size of three men. How’s that fair? Did TNA, by the way, go ahead and explain the match graphic that it’s a three-on-one handicap match? Did they do that?… Fake news. See, this is the thing that I am talking about. It’s the TNA X-Division,” Ali stated. “I’m bringing the best Super Junior Heavyweights together. I’m creating this, almost a revival of what the X-Division used to be. I am trying to make the X-Division great again.

“When you think about the X-Division who do you think about? AJ Styles, The Amazing Red, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, pioneers in our industry,” Ali explained. “And then someone wants to throw on, ’Well the X-Division’s no limits.’ What is ‘No Limits’ mean? That can’t be a thing. It has to be some limits right? In life — you can’t have no limits. There’s a speed limit. Can you imagine if there’s no speed limit?”

Something Ain’t Right

Mustafa Ali said limits protect people, and he wants to get rid of TNA’s “garbage” declaration for no limits. Ali said Jake Something is the wrong fit for the X Division and he hopes TNA will take him out of the match, for the greater good.

“Jake Something’s a perfect example. He is the size of three men. How’s that fair? So, ladies and gentlemen,” Ali began. “I’ve come up with a novel concept, a new campaign and Jake Something, he simply is not right for the X-Division. So I want all of you to Tweet out #Somethingaintright. Go do it right now. And maybe the management of TNA, the people that have created this unjust match, maybe they’ll reconsider. And finally take Jake Something out of the match. Give it to a more deserving opponent. Someone south of 200 pounds.”

Mustafa Ali vs. Jake Something is still confirmed to take place at TNA Rebellion. The event takes place on Saturday, April 20 at the Palms in Las Vegas.

Check out our full interview with Mustafa Ali below: