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Emma Diaz Opens Up About Relationship With WWE’s Matt Bloom, Biggest Piece Of Advice That Stuck

Emma Diaz is grateful for her coach.

After undergoing a series of tryouts filmed for the “WWE: Nex Gen” series, Emma Diaz earned herself a developmental contract with WWE. Accordingly, the former D1 rugby player then reported to the WWE Performance Center to officially begin her training with the company. There, Diaz familiarized herself with WWE’s expansive team of coaches, which includes the likes of Matt Bloom, Shawn Michaels, Sara Amato, Norman Smiley, and Johnny Moss.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Diaz opened up about her relationship with WWE PC head coach Matt Bloom.

“Coach Bloom came from coaching sports. He played football; his family was in the NFL and stuff like that. So he understands all the mindsets of the athletes that come from playing sports and that work so hard. With sports, it’s like the harder you work, that’s how you get on the starting team. But with pro wrestling, it’s not like that. And I feel like we developed a bond very early on,” Diaz said.

“He knew that I understood that pro wrestling was a business and not like sports. He knew that I worked so hard. Just in case, if anything didn’t work out, I know that I put everything that I could on the line. At my tryout, there’s some parts in the Nex Hen series that show that we just connected from early on. He always respected how hard I worked and stuff. We were always very close from when I started at the Performance Center, even ’til now that I’m not working at WWE anymore.”

You Get What You Give

When asked about memorable lessons she received from the WWE Performance Center coaches, Diaz recalled two strings of advice voiced by Bloom.

“The biggest piece of advice that stuck with me was [you get out] what you put out in this business. Whatever I put in is what I’ll get out,” Diaz said. “And it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

Watch our full interview with Emma Diaz below: