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Zack Sabre Jr. Hopes His Dexcon DEKADA Match Is ‘First Step’ In Growing Filipino Pro Wrestling Scene

Zack Sabre Jr. is proud to contribute to the growth of Filipino pro wrestling.

ZSJ competed at the recent Dexcon DEKADA event against Jake De Leon, in what was billed as a dream match for the promotion. Sabre Jr. was part of a panel that spoke with the press after the event, and he shared his thoughts on helping grow the local wrestling scene, and across the Asian continent in general.

“I think it is amazing to see so many of you here. I think this is a really special time for Filipino wrestling. I’ve been fortunate to spend the best part of 12 or 13 years like living and competing in Japan. This is only my second time to wrestle outside of Japan in Asia. So, it’s a genuine privilege for me,” Zack Sabre Jr. said. “And I’m here to try and use my experience to help, to influence and grow Filipino Wrestling in whatever sort of small way that I can.

“I’m not here just to like have a free trip and half-ass it like a… For [Jake De Leon], this obviously without sounding egotistical — I presume this is the biggest match of his career. But the pressure is on me. And my sense of worth because, I’m here to have the best match in Filipino wrestling history,” he explained. “And more importantly, I want the Filipino wrestling scene to be in a better position after I leave. As much as me to have a great experience.”

Sabre Jr said the best thing about pro wrestling is the travel, and he would not have seen the world if he did anything else. He touted the professionalism of everyone involved with the Dexcon event and hopes to have “continuous involvement” on the Filipino wrestling scene. Sabre Jr. believes there should be more focus on bringing wrestling to more parts of Asia.

“There’s so much potential in this part of the world. And I think that Japanese pro wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling specifically, is the best partner to help this grow,” Sabre Jr. explained. “My personal ambition would be that we have wrestlers from all over Asia in the New Japan Dojo. And that we can regularly send our young wrestlers all across the Asian Continent to gain experience and help grow this scene as well. So yeah, I really hope that this is the first step.”

Zack Sabre Jr. knows the British wrestling style is part of his identity and tries to keep that alive. He also knows that he has a lot of work left to do in Japan, noting that he’d love to return to the Philippines as IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

“But I have to win the G1 Climax first. So… And more importantly, I have to beat JDL first. More specifically, when I accepted this offer, I knew that Chris Brooks had been here, and he said two things. He was like, ‘First, they have to put you against JDL. And secondly, you have to try Banana Ketchup.’ I’m not… That’s a real thing? Banana ketchup is a real thing? I have to try it? Okay.”

Sabre Jr. joked with the press more about the banana ketchup before ending his appearance by saying he hopes his match with De Leon “shows to the Filipino wrestling fans that you’re domestic talent is ready to reach the next stage, on a global scale.”

Watch the full media scrum below:

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