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Photo Credit: Darby Allin via Instagram

Darby Allin Has New Collaboration With Tony Hawk, Proceeds To Benefit The Skatepark Project

Darby Allin is expanding his partnership with Tony Hawk.

In April 2024, Darby Allin had planned to make the long trek up Mt. Everest with an additional goal of raising funds for Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project. Unfortunately, Allin’s climb up the snowy terrain would be postponed due to a foot injury. Despite this, Allin and Hawk collaborated to create a special commercial outlining the initiative behind The Skatepark Project.

While speaking with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Allin revealed that he and the skateboarding legend will also soon be releasing exclusive signed 8x10s, with all of those proceeds going to the foundation as well.

“Right when I broke my foot, I flew down to San Diego, and he did the invert skate trick on my broken [foot], my boot. I know we raised money just based off the commercial that we were able to put on AEW, but me and him are actually going to be selling signed 8x10s of that photo soon,” Allin said. “I don’t know the exact date, but we’re going to be selling those photos soon. All proceeds go to The Skatepark Project.”

“It’s awesome to be part of because skateboarding changed my life. And it’s the reason I’m here. I know that sounds kind of weird because it’s pro wrestling, but it’s the skateboarding is the reason I’m here.”

Does Darby Allin Get Starstruck?

Long before Allin filmed the aforementioned commercial with Hawk, he was an aspiring young skateboarder, eager to meet Hawk. As Allin explains, though, his nervousness ultimately delayed him from meeting Hawk.

“Back in 2011, I went to a Tony Hawk demo, and I was so nervous to stand in the line and meet him that I just didn’t meet him,” Allin said. “I was just like, I don’t know what to say to him. ‘You’re my favorite?’ I felt like I had nothing to bring to the table.”

Fast forwarding 13 years, Allin feels that with his connections to AEW, he is now on a similar plane to Hawk, and other notable figures.

“I feel like I have so much now interesting stuff to bring to the table that it feels like I’m right where I need to be,” Allin said. “In that sense, it’s hard to get starstruck. It’s fun. I really like being around these guys because these are the people I grew up idolizing. So it’s kind of cool in that sense like, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s awesome that you’re friends with these guys.’ It’s all because of AEW and the doors that they open. It’s hard to make these connections when you’re just a random indie wrestler wrestling in a bowling alley. I just take nothing for granted. It’s been a crazy ride.”

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