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Photo Credit: WWE

Kaci Lennox Looks Back On Training Session With Nia Jax, Still Uses Her Advice Today

Kaci Lennox reflects on her training session with “The Irresistible Force.”

The D-Von Dudley Academy remains a hot spot for wrestlers to hone their skills, learn new tricks, and in some cases, prepare for an in-ring comeback. In May 2023, all three of those objectives came to an intersection as Kaci Lennox completed a training session with former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax. For Jax, this marked another stop on her journey toward returning to WWE later that September. For Lennox, this served as an opportunity to pick up some new skills, while also sharpening her pre-existing ones.

“I am normally the bigger person when it comes to wrestling. I’m always fighting somebody who’s smaller than me or whatever. So [Nia] and I actually worked on, which is big for me, a comeback for if I worked somebody bigger,” Lennox told WrestleZone’s Ella Jay.

“I literally had just had a match prior to training with her where I did work someone bigger. I showed her. She was just telling me the reasons why it didn’t make sense, like why I shouldn’t do what I did. So we put together a really good comeback. I still use it to this day, even though I don’t work people who are bigger than me, taller than me. I still use it to this day, so that is something that I definitely have taken from her.”

In addition to a fresh comeback sequence, Lennox noted that Jax also helped her with the art of selling. Though Lennox may be inclined to use a faster in-ring pace, she now knows the importance of momentarily slowing down as well.

“Selling wise, [Nia] was mentioning how there’s like seven different cameras everywhere. So while we want to be fast, and I love being fast, doing fast things, and things that keep me off my feet, you have to take the time and register to each camera,” Lennox said. “Each camera is gonna pick something up, so you have to take that time and sell what you’re being given.”

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