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The Big Show’s 5 Best Heel Turns

The Big Show’s 5 Best Heel Turns
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There are very few superstars who have flip-flopped between characters the way The Big Show has. The World’s Largest Athlete has turned face and heel an approximate 23-33 times throughout his career. It’s quite staggering and at this point, The Big Show turning has essentially become a running joke for fans.

More often than not, his turns just come out of nowhere. While that’s usually not a bad thing, his turns have been very random and meaningless, with it seeming like it was a turn just for the sake of it. He’s legitimately had years where he’s turned 3 or more times, which is obviously far above average.

Big Show himself has acknowledged these, stating that he himself has gotten confused as to what character he’s supposed to play. On Talk Is Jericho, he said:

I’ve done so much flip-flopping ****, I’m still dizzy. I wake up and go ‘am I a good guy or a bad guy today?’ Do I smile like a goofball, or look like I haven’t had a crap in two weeks.

This isn’t to say, however, that he hasn’t had good heel turns. He was one of the most featured stars of the Attitude Era and his longevity in the business has been staggering.  We look at the five least bizarre and random heel turns of his career.

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