Ric Flair
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Ric Flair’s 5 Greatest Rivalries

Ric Flair’s 5 Greatest Rivalries
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For those who aren’t aware, Ric Flair wasn’t really a “WWE guy” throughout his career. In fact, his cumulative time spent in WWE as compared to the rest of his career was quite little. Either way, the fact that he had such an impact in such a short time speaks volumes about the magnitude of stardom that he brought with him.

In his years with NWA and then WCW, Flair had faced the greatest of all time. He learned from some of the best and every promotion could see quite early on that Ric Flair was indeed the man. His presence, his demeanor, his promos, his in-ring ability, and his look made him the perfect package. It’s no wonder that he has as many world championships as he does.


We take a look at his five great career rivals. It’s difficult to narrow down the list to just five due to how many incredible feuds he’s had, but these five are the most iconic rivalries that Flair has had to go through.

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